Want your bathrooms to be fresh, relaxing and classy at the same time? Possible, with the universally-appealing pallet of black and white bathroom tiles! And the add-on here is that you can pair these tiles with gold, silver, stainless steel and even brass fixtures!

Here is a décor inspiration with black and white tiles to elevate your bathrooms from boring to jazzy:

1. Add a dash of art with black and white tiles

It completely depends upon you how you want to design your bathroom but as far as black and white tiles are concerned, you can go creative. Think something unique and rare but not monotonous! Choose some expressive patterns from AGL’s patterned tiles, choose your patterns and make a pattern paradise. But make sure that you combine heavy and dark patterns with muted-tone light-design patterns of bathrooms tiles.

2. Make it a masterpiece with only white bathroom tiles

You might not agree for the all-white bathroom, right? Well, most of the people think that it is not the right choice to go for the whole space painted in white color. But trust us, this is one of the hottest trends these days! To go unique, people also select white wall and floor tiles even for their kitchens! So, of course you may go with all-white bathrooms. To convince you on this note, we would suggest you to select tiles that are of gray or dull charcoal in color and have light texture. This would bring a subtle yet urbane look into your bathroom.

3. Make it a bold yet beautiful bathroom space

If you are a bold personality and want to incorporate the same essence into your bathrooms also, go for bold décor. And nothing can do this better than all-black tiles with not-so-jazzy prints on them. With such dark-toned bathroom tiles, incorporate stainless steel fixtures to make this space sleek and chic. You may also use some bold accents and furniture pieces such as black wooden window frames, bold dark mirror frame and a huge brass chandelier. If you like, you can also let a cute cactus stay in a corner.

So when are you going to install AGL’s black and white tiles in your bathrooms? Must share with us your décor stories when you do it, sooner or later!