When it’s about selecting the tiles for your homes, you stand a great range of options to choose from which actually leaves you confused! It may be because you are not well-aware about the types of tiles available in the market and their properties. Here is a quick guide to educate you about major types of tiles used in India to help you with making the decision.

Major types of tiles:

1. Ceramic tiles


Ceramic tiles are one of the most-used wall and floor tiles in Indian homes. These are the tiles that have been manufactured for decades. They are clay biscuits that are baked in a kiln at very high temperatures to have a glaze on the body. They are durable and pretty much easy to maintain which make them the first choice as far as kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms are concerned. It is a general misconception that they ceramic tiles can’t be used as floor tiles however they are not as hard-wearing as some other tile types. AGL has a grand collection of ceramic wall tiles and ceramic floor tiles.

2. Porcelain tiles


Porcelain tiles are manufactured from clay that is finer than that used in ceramic tiles and passed through very high temperatures which infuse some great qualities in them like superior density and hardness. If we go deep into technicalities, porcelain tiles have a water absorption rate of 0.5% and so, they are almost waterproof. All these properties make porcelain tiles a good pick for any wall or floor. Apart from this, porcelain tiles can also be used for places that have immense footfalls like a movie cinema or a mall. Take a look at our collection of Glister Polished Porcelain Tiles.

3. Mosaic tiles


You would be familiar with tiny beautiful mosaic tiles- the ones that you might have seen on kitchen splashbacks or bathrooms. First used by Romans and Greeks, this tile type is very much popular in India today. Mosaic tiles can be made from different materials such as marble, glass, porcelain, ceramic, stones and even pebbles to give them an aesthetic appeal. Apart from bathrooms and kitchens, you may also have them in your bedroom or living room for structuring a feature wall.

4. Vitrified tiles


The use of vitrified tiles is increasing day by day due to its excellent properties. Pretty much sturdy and durable, vitrified tiles are adopted mostly for floor tiles in residential projects. The best add-on with using vitrified tiles is that they can be laid on the existing floors also. Now this means that you don’t need to uninstall the old tiles from the flooring. As the popularity of vitrified tiles is increasingly growing, they have been made available in various further types such as glazed vitrified tiles and unglazed vitrified tiles. AGL also has a large collection of glazed vitrified tiles with trendy variations like matte, glossy, designer prints and more.

5. Natural stones


Natural stone is a common phrase for all different types of quarried stones like slate, travertine, marble and quartz. These tiles have some excellent qualities. For example, granite is known for hardness, the slate is for its superior durability and Carrara marble is popular for its timeless beauty. However natural stones are very beautiful, they’re extremely expensive apart from being more difficult to lay than ceramic and porcelain tiles. But digital printing technology has made it possible to accurately replicate the lush and richness of natural stones at comparatively lower costs. Undeniably, quartz and marbles are perfect to add a wow-effect into your homes.

This quick guide to tile types has cleared many misconceptions about selecting tile type for your home, right? For more such ideas, tips and décor inspiration for tiles, keep reading this space.