This is a very common question that people face while selecting tiles for their homes. Are you also one of them who don’t know whether to use smaller vitrified tiles or large format tiles? Then this blog post is perfect for you. As per a general perspective, tile size is decided on the basis of room size. But this is not followed in this era. Architectures and interior decorators suggest different tile sizes to create design variants.

Here are some key points you must consider while selecting the size of vitrified tiles:

1. Right tile size for bathrooms

We, at AGL have a huge collection of vitrified tiles for bathrooms, available in size and design variants. This makes it pretty much easy for you to choose the right one from many options. Bathroom tiles should be selected keeping in mind several features such as anti-skid, bacteria-free, stain-free and more. Bathrooms must be hygienic, fresh, bright and spacious. So, we suggest you go with large format vitrified tiles that we have. With colors such as grey and beige, you can bring a feel of unclutter. These vitrifies tiles are available in many different sizes like 300 x 300mm, 600 x 600 mm, 600 x 1200 mm, 800 x 800 mm, 800 x 1200 mm and 1200 x 1200 mm.

Also, small grout lines are to offer better traction. Greed lines because of higher grout lines do not appear really appealing if your bathroom is small. Moreover, it will also demand more maintenance. So it’s better not to go with it! Similarly, if you are going to select tile size for bathroom walls, go for ceramic tiles of larger sizes. Select from various wall tile sizes available- 300 x 300 mm, 300 x 900 mm and 300 x 450 mm to 300 x 600 mm.

2. Right tile size for kitchens

Kitchen vitrified tiles should have different qualities than that of bathrooms. They should be resistant to water, stains, odors and moisture. Also, your personal choice matters a lot while selecting tiles for your home. It is best if you select large sizes because they look elegant and spacious when laid in kitchen. These days, people favor to have creative concepts for their kitchens. For this, you may go with large format kitchen tiles with geometrical patterns for floors and brick look or wood look tiles for walls. Especially for kitchens, small tiles shouldn’t be selected as they create clutter!

AWe, at AGL, have a huge collection of large tiles that can be used for your kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere you wish in your homes. Browse our entire tile collection now!