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What Makes Vitrified Tiles a Perfect Choice for Your Wall & Floor?


What Makes Vitrified Tiles a Perfect Choice for Your Wall & Floor?

Tiles have been a popular choice among homeowners for a long time now. Initially, tiles were preferred to be installed in the kitchens and bathrooms only.

But with the expansion of choices, these tiles can be installed pretty much anywhere and everywhere in your home. We are blessed with multitude of options such as kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, parking tiles, wall tiles and the list go on.

Take vitrified tiles, for example, their versatility allows them to be a great option as floor tiles and wall tiles.

Read on as we discuss the popularity of vitrified tiles in India and a guide to selecting the best tiles!

What Makes Vitrified Tiles a Popular Choice?

Vitrified tiles are a popular choice for several reasons, making them perfect for both walls and floors. Here are some reasons why vitrified tiles are often considered the way to go for your walls and floors.

Aesthetic Appeal

Vitrified tiles come in a wide range of designs, patterns and colours. The multitude of choices available in the market allows homeowners to pick their ideal floor tile and wall tile designs.

So, whether you are a fan of classic designs or a modern look this wide collection of vitrified floor tiles in India will make it possible!

Water Resistance

Vitrified tiles are non-porous, allowing exceptional water resistance ability. Homeowners can easily use them as bathroom wall tiles and bathroom floor tiles, as they can withstand moisture. Installing them as kitchen floor tiles is also an excellent idea since they are water-resistant.

Moreover, their effortless maintenance and cleaning further enhance their suitability for such environments. Making them practical and durable options.

Stain & Scratch Resistance

Be it vitrified floor tiles or vitrified wall tiles, they are stain & scratch resistant. It makes them truly suitable for areas where spills are common, such as kitchens and dining rooms. Moreover, vitrified floor tiles are also scratch-resistant.

So, no worries even if you own pets. Vitrified tiles for living room work great because their durability can withstand this high-traffic area.

Lasts for Years

Vitrified tiles are celebrated for their remarkable longevity. When expertly installed and diligently maintained, they boast an impressive lifespan that spans many years. This quality not only ensures enduring aesthetics but also proves to be a cost-effective investment over time.

Variety of Sizes

Vitrified tiles in India offer a diverse range of sizes, encompassing small mosaic pieces to expansive large-format tiles. This extensive selection enables designers the flexibility to craft imaginative and personalized layouts. Whether adorning your home with wall tiles design or enhancing flooring aesthetics.


Investing in cost-effective high-quality vitrified floor tiles in India initially might seem pricier compared to alternative flooring choices.

However, their long-lasting durability and minimal maintenance demands prove economical over time. This cost-efficiency makes vitrified tiles a wise choice for budget-conscious homeowners. Because they provide lasting value and reduce overall expenditure.

A Guide to Select the Right Vitrified Tiles

Determine Purpose

The first thing to consider while buying vitrified tiles is the purpose behind it. Determine whether you'll be using them as floor tiles or wall tiles.

Along with the location of installation. It can be in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom etc. Being clear about the purpose of getting vitrified tiles will help you select the best one.

The Right Colour Scheme

This might not seem like a big issue unless you are done installing the vitrified tiles. The last thing you would want in your space is the tiles to stick out like a sore thumb. Always go for a colour that blends in with the overall colour scheme of your space.

Neutral hues like white, beige and brown work the best for vitrified floor tiles design. As for the wall tiles design, go for a colour that complements the flooring and the surroundings.

Go for a Brand

Buying vitrified tiles from a reputable brand is just like buying clothing and footwear from well-known brands. Because you get value for money and high-quality products. Installing vitrified tiles in your house is a major investment. Make sure this investment enhances the beauty and functionality of your house while staying intact for years to come.

AGL Tiles is one of the most renowned brands boasting a collection of a variety of tiles, sanitaryware, marble & quartz, etc.

AGL offers some of the best vitrified wall and floor tiles in India.

Pick the Right Size

Another important to consider while shopping for vitrified tiles is picking the right size. Because vitrified tiles come in a range of sizes and one size won't fit for every purpose.

AGL Tiles offers vitrified tiles in several sizes ranging from small, medium to large size. These sizes can help homeowners to design a bespoke space!

Visit a display centre

Tiles are something that should be touched and felt before buying. Online stores are great for window shopping as you can easily browse hundreds of options.

But buying them online without physically having a look is not a wise decision.

AGL Tiles has multiple locations of display centres across the nation. These centres are perfect for having a close-up look at your preferred tiles and seeing them in a real setting.

A simple visit to the display centre will truly help you select the best vitrified tiles.

Final Words

Vitrified tiles in India are the most popular type of tiles in the market and we have seen the reasons behind it. They can be great choices for your next wall tile design as well as floor tile design.

AGL Tiles is a creditable brand, boasting some of the best Vitrified tiles in India along with other products. Such as sanitaryware, parking tiles, marble & quartz, etc.

Explore the best collection of vitrified tiles by AGL to discover your perfect option!


Yes, vitrified tiles are versatile enough to be used for your next wall tile designs and floor tile designs. Just make sure to correctly use wall & floor tiles.

Vitrified tiles are a perfect option for your bathroom. You can use them as bathroom wall tiles and floor too since they are water resistant.

AGL Tiles is one of the most reputable tiles brands. Our exclusive collection makes the best vitrified floor tiles in India that can beautify your space!

Vitrified tiles are versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere in the house. Here are some popular ways to install them:

  • As bathroom wall tiles
  • As kitchen floor tiles
  • Vitrified tiles for living room
  • As outdoor parking tiles
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