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5 Best Bathroom Flooring To Choose

Your bathroom is your personal space. A well-designed bathroom is reflective of your lifestyle and a standout statement of any home. In 2016, the bathroom is no longer restricted to its utilitarian function instead the modern bathroom is designed utilizing patterns, design and space to serve as a haven and personal retreat.

We at AGL Tiles understand that bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles add a distinct personality to your bathroom. It is indeed a huge and long term therefore it is important that you choose the best fit that matches your budget and lifestyle. While the search can seem overwhelming and selection almost endless with the wide variety of design and texture available, we help you choose your floor ground up and start with the best bathroom flooring to choose:


Vitrified Tiles, Vinyl Tiles, Porcelain Tiles or Natural Stone? Which is best bathroom flooring to choose?:

Among the major criteria of selecting the right bathroom floor tiles like budget, durability, designs and maintenance you must also consider the PEI scale to determine the hardness and durability of tiles. We explore the best choice within vitrified tiles, vinyl tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone to understand which makes the best choice for your bathroom floor.

Vinyl Tiles:

They are affordable, durable and can easily withstand the wear and tear because they are water-resistant and slip-resistant. They come in wide variety of designs and require less maintenance however they do not come in the popular large format as those available in vitrified floor tiles.

Vitrified Tiles:

These have very low porosity and therefore are stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Vitrified floor tiles are durable, highly-abrasion resistant, offer high-performance and consistency. Latest innovations in digital printing technology and ceramic tile industry now make it possible to get a variety of designs that include natural stone-look in large format tiles like (1200 x 1200 mm), (1000 x 1000mm) or (800x 800 mm) such as AGL Tiles JUMBO and IMPERIO range double charged and Nano-coated range for a contemporary minimalist bathroom design. Striking Hexagonal tiles like the AGL Tiles Hexa Culture Brown, AGL Tiles Hexa Star Crema from AGL Tiles Hexacon range too make a great choice for a contemporary bathroom.

Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain tiles have a very low porosity approx. absorption rate of 0.5% and are denser than ceramic or vitrified a tile which makes them water-resistant and durable. They also look a tad more sophisticated than vitrified tiles and are often more expensive too. Moreover porcelain tiles also have a higher PEI than vitrified tiles. Glazed porcelain tiles are more popular and available in a wide variety in colors and designs such as AGL Tiles Hazel grey or AGL Tiles Brushistone from the Porcellanto- Tuff Guard range make an excellent choice for your bathroom.

Natural Stone & Composite Marble:

These include marble and granite, both of which have a timeless charm and add a luxurious appeal. They have high porosity and therefore are prone to stains and scratches over a period of time. There is also the AGL Tiles range of Composite Marble with stunning varieties like AGL Tiles Amazonia or the AGL Tiles Desert Gold that offer you the identical appearance of natural stone. Moreover these are scratch and stain resistant and offer more consistency in pattern compared to natural stone.

Explore the wide range of flooring tiles to discover the perfect tile for your bathroom.