Smart homes have smart bathrooms. So whether you are looking to design a bathroom for your new residential project or want to remodel your bathroom, we have some amazing tips for your dream bathroom here. These affordable and contemporary ideas ensure that you do not have to break the bank and yet get a luxurious bathroom that is high on style and comfort. .

It is all about adding a personal touch and a good research that together make for your dream bathroom. Let’s explore major ideas to a great bathroom for your smart home:


Floor Tiles:

Starting ground up, you may choose from natural stone, Vitrified or polished porcelain tiles depending upon your budget, though porcelain tiles are a popular choice for their low porosity. Apart from the bathroom floor type, the size of bathroom floor, whether large format tiles or subways as also the patterns like shape and bold patterns contribute to the look of the bathroom.

While size of tiles depends on the size of the room, choosing large format tiles add a contemporary touch to the bathroom because they make the bathroom area appear more spacious and contemporary with fewer grout lines. The AGL Tiles Circlet Marmo or AGL Tiles Hazel Grey make a great choice if you prefer porcelain tiles, while the Deluxe Woodland or Zenith Arena from AGL Tiles work wonders if you like the polished vitrified tiles with natural stone-like look.

Wall Tiles:

The right bathroom wall tile can make all the difference to your stylish smart bathroom. It is best to have a contrast color theme as that of the floor helps balance the proportions else same tiles will look less appealing. A great choice would be to choose either the digital wall tiles or ceramic wall tiles. The AGL Tiles PLAIN IVORY and AGRO BEECH Ceramic Wall tiles are great choice for those who prefer conventional designs while the AGL Tiles Strip Green or Kingfisher Blue adds a touch of personality to your space. While the AGL Tiles Butterfly Crema Décor and Tabletz Choco Digital wall tiles Tiles from AGL Tiles make a great choice for a contemporary bathroom.


While minimalist design trend of 2016 prefers clear lines and clean spaces, it is always nice to infuse patterns into your bathroom. The latest trends in bold patterns and tile trends offer you stunning choices. Large format hexagonal tiles like the AGL Tiles Hexacon Culture Brown or Stylin Slate make for a great choice for a modern bathroom. Similarly, choosing mixed patter theme with digital wall tiles like AGL Tiles Impact on the walls versus vitrified tiles like AGL Tiles Zenith Vista on the floor makes for a great choice.