Flooring of your home is one of the most significant elements that add a personality to your home décor.

Different flooring in different areas of home according to style and function further enhance its appeal. So you may prefer to have composite marble flooring or vitrified floor tiles in living room and quartz flooring in kitchen, vitrified parking tiles or porcelain tiles in porch, while choose large format digital glazed tiles for bathroom.

How To Choose Perfect Flooring For Your Home

We explore the major flooring options in India like vitrified floor tiles, Marbles, Granite, Wooden flooring, etc. to help you choose the perfect flooring for your home:

Natural Stone:

The beauty of natural stone has always symbolized luxury and a popular choice in high-end homes for their beauty and elegance stand out for its timeless appeal. While using natural stone like Marble, Granite, Travertine is too expensive, there are flooring tiles like the AGL Tiles Deluxe Woodland, AGL Tiles Delux Maharaja and many such polished vitrified floor tiles that offer you the natural stone look finish.

Vitrified Tiles:

A popular alternative to marble and granite, vitrified tiles are highly durable. They have very low porosity, therefore are stain-resistant, absorb little or no water and are easy to maintain. With large format tiles like 1000mm x1000mm, 800mm x 800mm and innovations in digital printing technology, vitrified floor tiles offer many choices within Double Charged Vitrified Tiles, Digital Glazed Tiles. The AGL Tiles Jumbo and Imperio range of double charged and Nano coated vitrified tiles are an excellent choice to add an international appeal to your home.

Wooden Flooring:

You can choose from solid wood and engineered wood or laminated wood flooring for your bedroom. These are yet other contemporary choices for your home. These are easy maintenance, versatile and look very sophisticated.

Composite Marble:

Another popular alternative to natural marble, the composite marble is an affordable solution to get the elegant, timeless look and feel of marble at fraction of the cost as also avoids the issues like high-porosity found in marble. This is dense and non-porous, thus not only is it more resistant to stains and scratches, it is does not require frequent cleaning and polishing. Moreover these have consistent pattern, texture and color. The AGL Tiles Empyrean Series, Victorian Series are great picks from AGL Tiles – India’s first composite marble manufacturing company.

Quartz Flooring:

A popular alternative to natural stone, Engineered Quartz flooring offers more consistency in color and pattern. Apart from high MOH score and better scratch-resistance, it also maintains its polished luster and being non-porous is stain-resistant and does not foster bacteria growth in areas of high moisture. The stunning variety like the AGL Tiles Spectra, Elegant, and Silken series are a great choice for their colors and patterns

Discover the perfect flooring for your smart home today!