Balcony Tiles - Which Tiles Are Best For Balcony

Balconies are the most popular feature in any home after the bedroom, where we can relax after a tiring day, and the kitchen, where we can find delicious delicacies. They are appropriate for any time of day and any season. Balconies are for all seasons, and so should their design be. Balconies are for all seasons, from drinking your morning tea to unwinding in the chilly evening air after supper, and from viewing the sunset on a warm evening to finding a quiet location to bask in some sunlight in the middle of winter. And so, we have to make sure that they are as comfortable and pleasing as possible.

Balcony design has always held a special place in our hearts due to the great potential of a little space to serve as a welcoming refuge in all homes. Even a small balcony can be transformed into a haven of solitude, a flourishing garden, or an entertainment zone with the proper balcony tiles design and flooring. Tiles play a vital role in establishing the functioning as well as the aesthetics of the area.

Whatever the function of the balcony, the core design must be carefully considered. Just as a balcony railing is a must-have for safety and security, the design of balcony tiles requires the same level of care, effort and attention to detail. 

Why Are Balcony Tiles Best for Your Balcony?

The major issue with outdoor tiles, particularly for balconies in flats, is safety. To avoid disasters, balcony tiles should be constructed to prevent skiing or sliding, and ultimately injury. You want your balcony tiles to be able to resist exterior temperatures and weather conditions while remaining beautiful and complementing your desired aesthetic for space.

There are many different types of balcony tiles that might be used outside. Porcelain and Natural Stone Tiles are the primary two balcony tiles that we suggest and will discuss in this post. Cement and terracotta balcony tiles are also available in tiles for balcony design in India category. Depending on what you want in your balcony aesthetic, each of these balcony tiles materials has unique features that make them popular options.

Let's have a look at some stunning balcony wall tiles and balcony floor tile designs that can dramatically change the aesthetic of the little room. 

Porcelain Balcony Tiles:

Porcelain balcony tiles are one of the most modern outdoor floor tiles options available on the market. They're fantastic for balcony floor tiles design ideas. These balcony tiles are widely used and readily available on the market. Porcelain balcony tiles are thick and highly durable when compared to ceramic tiles. Because these tiles are non-porous, they are an excellent solution for outdoor spaces that are subjected to heavy rain during the monsoon season. The matt surface of these tiles makes the flooring non-slip. These are available in a variety of colours, and they are easy to maintain. The Lineas Decor B by AGL Tiles makes a nice balcony tile option.

Porcelain Balcony Tiles
Porcelain Balcony Tiles

Vitrified Balcony Tiles:

Another type of balcony tile that is quite popular is vitrified tiles. These tiles have a traditional glazed appearance and allow for both practical and elegant balcony tile design alternatives. Vitrified balcony tiles are also popular among homeowners because they are sturdy and durable, stain and scratch-resistant, and come in a wide range of patterns and sizes. The Marmara Grey vitrified tiles are one of their kind that goes well with all types of home aesthetics.

Vitrified Balcony Tiles
Vitrified Balcony Tiles

Natural Stone Balcony Tiles:

There's a reason why they're considered classics! The flooring design for this balcony, which has Rim Nero Plus natural stone tiles, is a classic aesthetic that will never go out of style. The addition of the black tiled accent significantly enhances the aesthetic of this gorgeous balcony, where we wouldn't mind spending the entire day! They seem more natural in an outdoor setting, which is why many people choose stone balcony tiles for their balcony floors. Natural stone balcony tiles, like natural stones, are cool in the summer months, allowing you to stay cool on a hot day.

Natural Stone Balcony Tiles

Moroccan Balcony Tiles:

Did you believe Moroccan tiles could only be found in kitchens? Consider it again. With their delicate patterns and vivid colours, these balcony tiles can transform your balcony flooring into a work of art. Moroccan tiles are excellent balcony tiles design alternatives that are also quite attractive. Patterned balcony tiles like these are available in a wide range of designs, themes, and colour combinations. Such balcony tiles provide beauty and individuality to any area, even balconies. When combined with patterned tiles, we recommend keeping the overall design and furnishings simple and traditional. The Jubilee Art Plus tiles are a great example of that. 

Moroccan Balcony Tiles
Vitrified Balcony Tiles

Terracotta Balcony Tiles:

Terracotta balcony tiles bring an earthy warmth to the outdoors. The worn appearance of these reddish-brown tiles has an earthy charm that perfectly fits the greenery outside. Terracotta balcony tiles are very porous, therefore, treat them with penetrative sealants to protect them from stains, moisture absorption, dampness, and fungal growth for long-term durability. The Bullet Beige tiles are classic terracotta tiles that are perfect for your outdoor space. 


Terracotta Balcony Tiles

If you want to make your balcony appear spectacular while still being practical, you can rely on AGL's balcony tiles that you can find under outdoor/parking tiles category , which are colourful, lively, and quite functional!