Concealed Tank Toilets: The Pros & The Cons

The trend in bathroom interior design in recent decades has been leaning toward a sharper, more functional, room-like approach to the décor. There are compelling reasons for using this strategy, which has additional benefits. Unappealing exposed toilet cisterns, waste pipes, and pedestal toilets may all be a thing of the past nowadays. Whether you are remodelling an old bathroom or building a new one, you should consider installing a wall-mounted flush tank or a built-in-wall flush tank. Not only do they provide tremendous architectural freedom, but they also have plenty of additional advantages.

Less is more in this case. When it comes to architecture and interior design, this is an almost unwritten law. That is just what a concealed tank water closet does in your bathroom. It accentuates the illusion of space and makes the bathroom feel palatial. 

What is a Concealed Flush Tank Toilet?

When you hear terms like 'In-Wall Cistern,' 'Concealed Cistern,' 'Concealed Toilet,' or 'Wall Hung Toilet,' we're referring to an installation in which the flushing components (the cistern) are hidden inside the wall, leaving only the pan, either wall-mounted or wall faced, and push plate also known as 'Actuators' is exposed. If the concealed cistern requires repair or upkeep, it can be accessed via the button panel. Once built, these water tank wall fittings can support up to 400kg of weight.

These sorts of wall-mounted toilets are commonly seen in high-rise public restrooms or in flats to conserve space. When space is available, plumbers for these sorts of buildings do their utmost to install concealed cisterns.

Concealed Flush Tank Toilet

Pros & Cons of Concealed Tank Toilets

There are pros and cons to having a concealed inside wall flush tank. Let's look at some of the more probable reasons why you might or might not wish to conceal your toilet cistern.


Concealed Flush Tank Toilet

1-Extra Room: As concealed cisterns are integrated into the wall; they save a significant amount of bathroom space that would otherwise be occupied by the cistern. Furthermore, if you pick a wall-hung mounted toilet with a tank over a floor-standing type, the free-flow of floor space beneath provides the sense of the extra room.

2-Cutting-Edge & Long-Lasting Technology: The concealed cisterns use cutting-edge technology and functioning elements to ensure trouble-free operation. If there is a problem with the cistern or it has to be replaced, it cannot be readily accessible and repaired because it is hidden behind a tiled wall. For the same reason, if a water scarcity or a problem is filling the cistern, it cannot be manually replenished for flushing. A void in the wall behind the cistern through which a plumber may access the cistern is beneficial.

3-Modern & Luxurious Features: Along with its sleek and modern appearance, a concealed tank toilet is the most popular style of toilet system in high-rise buildings and luxury apartments. Commercial buildings and luxury office spaces are also choosing this kind of toilet as they join the trend of implementing new bathroom concepts. Installing a concealed tank toilet offers your bathroom a modern design, and you, as a homeowner, will be updated with quality bathroom fixtures that are on-trend.

4-Low Maintenance: All actuator plates are equipped with a dual-flush mechanism. This dual-flush mechanism helps to decrease operating expenses by conserving water — it consumes just four litres of water for a single flush when only liquid waste has to be disposed of. The cistern consumes six litres to flush solid waste on the double flush.

5-Can Be Placed at A Convenient Height: One of the most significant benefits of built-in cisterns combined with wall-hung toilet pans is that the user can change the height of the toilet to meet their own height needs. Floor-standing toilets frequently do not fit particularly tall or short people, making them difficult to use. However, this is not an issue with wall-hung toilets with concealed cisterns because the installation height can be customised.

6-Reduced Noise: Don't be fooled into believing that a concealed tank toilet is simply for show. A cistern hidden behind the walls ultimately equals less flushing noise! Isn't that sophisticated? In contrast to the strong flushing noise generated by exposed cistern toilets, hidden toilets make very little noise. It implies that you may use the restroom even in the middle of the night without disturbing anybody else's sleep in the bedroom.

7-Increased Resale Value: Home designers and buyers are increasingly turning to Pinterest, Instagram, and other community forums for inspiration on modern bathroom ideas and small bathroom renovation designs. With the bulk of the newest trends suggesting in-wall cisterns, a property with a concealed tank toilet will almost certainly improve in resale value. Luxury bathroom fixtures, wall-hung cisterns and concealed toilets, in general, will appeal to buyers, automatically increasing the value of your house.


Concealed Flush Tank Toilet

1-Difficult to Replace: If you ever need to repair the toilet cistern, it will be challenging due to the tiled wall. Creating a wall void or allowing the plumber access behind the wall helps around this.

2-Is Little Expensive: Because they are not as popular as regular toilet suites, they may be a bit more expensive to purchase than a standard tank toilet cistern. Despite the fact that their recent popularity has made them cheaper. The buttons are frequently not included in the cistern price. They are out of the ordinary. Because it must be roughed in before the walls are sheeted and tiled, installation prices may be slightly higher.

3-The Cistern Can Not Be Manually Filled: If your property's water is shut off and you need to flush the toilet, you cannot manually fill the toilet cistern. If the situation is bad, you can even flush the toilet with a bucket of water. Due to its hidden location, the cistern's water supply might be challenging for a homeowner to shut off.

4-Needs Specific Toilet Pan: The Cisterns frequently require a wall-facing or wall-hanging pan, which necessitates the use of a bracket to not only keep the pan in place but also to guarantee that it can support the weight of the person using the toilet suite. The installation of this bracket might sometimes result in additional labour charges.

If you are wondering if concealed cisterns are a good idea or if concealed flush tanks are good, check out AGL Bathware products.