Wood-look tiles are one of the hottest trends these days for both, indoor and outdoor décor. It gives the beauty of natural timber and that is why it is more adored by people. This natural-looking tile range suits perfectly if you wish to make your space look classy.

Apart from its beauty and elegance, here are a few reasons why you should go for it:

Why choose AGL wood-like tiles?

- Waterproof
- Wear resistance
- Scratch resistance
- Stain resistance
- Bending resistance
- Easy to clean
- Heat resistance

Design inspirations with wood-like tile

1. Nature-friendly look

Give your abode a nature-friendly look. And no other thing can do this better than the wood-look tiles. We, at AGL, have a large variety of wood-look options for both, wall tiles and floor tiles. If you are a forest-lover, select brown color having fine timber texture for the floor and patterned ones for the wall.

2. Mix and match look

It’s not always that the mix and match look is a mess! If chosen smartly, the tiles can work wonder for your room. Select two different muted shades of same wood texture tiles and make them laid in such a way that they create a masterpiece of elegance.

3. Vintage look

This is another most trending look which is perfect for the living room interior. Pick some nicest vintage-style wood floor tiles and make an attractive combination with choosing wall tiles of ivory or beige shade. Don’t forget to incorporate some vintage accent pieces!

4. Contemporary look

Wood tiles can give your bathroom a makeover like never before. Pick the same-texture floor tiles and make them installed in a zigzag manner. It would look subtle yet modern. No more boring and lazy baths now on!

Wood-like tiles are best-suited for almost all the areas- office, kitchen, bathroom, dining area, living room and even outdoors.