Sunny days wake up the lazy bug inside you and to recharge you, it’s better to be surrounded by some refreshing stuff. While fresh flowers and scented breeze do their job, the interior of your abode should also be exciting enough! Look at some hottest tile trends for this summer 2018.


1. Flower-print tiles

Sun out, florals in! Florals are preferred in summers for almost everything- clothes, bags, shoes and what not! But in interior décor too, this flower print is trending these days. Not only do they infuse energy into space but also make it vivid. Try out this trend, it really looks electrifying!


2. Patterned floor tiles

Make a style statement and stun your guests with AGL’s patterned floor tiles. Available in various art deco patterns, these tiles are one of the hottest summer trends. While protecting your space from the boring monotonous look, they also make your every imaginable style possible.


3. Subway tiles

Forever favorite, these are a great option for dining area and bathrooms. Unlike before some years, they are available in different sizes and shapes at present. Kick your space up by choosing one of the endless décor possibilities with subway tiles.


4. Wood-look tiles

However this is not the latest trend, it has always been favored by interior designers. These tiles certainly build momentum wherever they are incorporated- bedroom, bathroom or balcony! AGL’s wood-like tiles would bestow your home with a sober yet beautiful element.


5. Brick-look tiles

In the home décor thing, brick or brick look has always been up. Perfect for the living room and outdoor spaces, these are also used for bathroom and kitchen spaces today. These are the tiles with which you can play in whatever manner you want to get an exceptional look.

At AGL, we wish to give the novel look and feel to your home. So consider these hottest summer trends for 2018 and start recreating your space!