Simple, elegant, versatile and classy- subway wall tiles have completely taken us by storm. Once again, it has made an entry in the interior design game. Available in different sizes and never-before design options, subway tiles are all set to add an oomph to your abode.

AGL brings to you the décor inspiration with subway wall tiles. Have a look:

1. The opulent look

It looks lavish when you install subway wall tiles in your bathroom. For the opulent indulgence, use teal or turquoise-colour wall tiles with white-colour sanitary ware. This opulent look in the bathroom is favoured by many interior designers.

2. The sophisticated look

This look can be delivered with subway tiles of beige, taupe or charcoal colour. While beige and taupe tiles will suit more for the living room, charcoal and black will enhance the look of kitchen and study room. Also, this look is good for the corporate offices as well.

3. The arty look

If you are aiming at incorporating an arty look into your home, it’s also possible with subway wall tiles. It is one of the hottest décor inspirations these days. It creates an inventive look in your home if you carefully choose the furniture articles as well.

4. The spacious look

Accentuate the beauty of your abode with nude shades of subway wall tiles. The nude shades of tiles give a spacious effect to your small rooms. So, if you are looking to remodel your small home, these tiles are the best option!

5. The soothing look

Want a relaxing ambience for your bedroom? Perfect, subway tiles can do this! What you need to do is install natural-look subway tiles for the wall and natural stone or marble for the floor. Choose calm shades of tiles as well as furniture and you are all set to relax in your bedroom!

Thus, there are various décor inspirations for the subway tiles. If you use them to décor your home, the beauty of your home will be multiplied by many folds. To have many such décor ideas, keep reading our blogs regularly.