Want to give your boring kitchen an exciting modern makeover? Make sure that you create harmony between the subtle décor and vibrant features in such a way that the kitchen screams wow! Whether it's about injecting a bold essence into your Mediterranean-themed kitchen or complementing your Scandinavian-themed interior, AGL's kitchen wall tiles are perfect!

Here are some unique kitchen wall tiles ideas of the present-day!

1. Minimalistic and monochromatic

Kitchen wall should be the prime focus and hence, it must be given the prime significance when it comes to décor. Bring kitchen wall to life by infusing a vibrancy of colors! Bright kitchen wall tiles would give extra energy to space. Contrast them with bold-color antique accents and other such accessories. If minimalism or monochrome is something that allures you, install the wall with slightly-textured white or bold black kitchen wall tiles.

2. Perfect patchworks

We know that it is really difficult to choose any one style or print when there is an immense variety available for the choice. But here, you stand an option to add a unique factor to your kitchen by installing each of your favorite wall tile designs. The only thing you need to ensure is to stick with a similar color pallet while choosing the kitchen wall tiles.

3. Patterned paradise

Do you think all kitchen walls should be uniform? Who says? Incorporate several styles and make your kitchen a paradise of different patterns! Choose different patterns for wall tiles but to maintain consistency, pick similar shades while choosing the kitchen wall tiles. Go for different patterns such as hexagonal, floral, geometric, brick prints or subway tiles.

4. Magnificent mosaics

Many times, a simple design also works, surrounded by mosaic tiled walls for the kitchen. Mosaic tiles look magnificent when pale and rich colors are used. Mosaic tiles are perfect for the kitchen splashbacks. They are the best way to introduce a sense of classiness to the space. Select the tiles by yourself and make a unique mosaic combination. Contrast bright mosaics with plain kitchen worktops.

So, use these ideas and remodel your kitchen to wow your guests!