Kitchen floor tiles

Home is where the heart is and what defines the soul of a family is children. Creating the ideal child-friendly home is what AGL believes in. This includes cleanliness, ease of maintenance and injury hazards and AGL Tiles checks all the lists:

1. Impeccable hygiene standards for your indoor games!

off white kitchen tiles

Kids will take pleasure in playing on these only if you have the perfect indoor and outdoor floor tiles. This is why AGL uses the finest quality resources to guarantee proper strength and durability to the floor tiles. When it comes to the hygiene of home, our antibacterial tiles hit the mark. We offer a stunning range of floor tiles in an array of stone and wood finish, with its hygienic prowess!

2. Non-slippery floors for non-stop outdoor activities

off white kitchen tiles

Outdoor places where kids are bound to wear footwear, our strong, anti-skid floors are a high priority. You do not want to worry about the weather outside or lay down rugs that can cause a tripping hazard for your children. Out anti-skid tiles are so durable that you don’t have to worry for slipping even during rainy reason – yes an ideal solution for your kids to play!

Moreover, AGL Tiles offer scratch-resistance too that create a smooth and safe seamless surface for your toddling toes. 

3. Easy to clean the drawings on wall tiles

off white kitchen tiles

Don’t be surprised if you see your children using different mediums for their artwork and one of the most popular being your home walls. But let me tell you, kid’s wall mural is what makes your home beautiful. The story doesn’t end here. Cleaning the wall artwork of your kids can be a difficult task – not with us! Because most types of AGL tiles, warm water, dish soap, and soft dry cloth will do the trick.

You can also consider sticking a frame around your child’s wall art next time!

4. Say no to food stain

off white kitchen tiles

Food stains are the main culprit of your floor tiles. Once you fail to do so, you clean again using harsh chemicals. Well, not sure if the stains vanish completely or not, but the shine of floor tiles do. Moreover, using chemicals regularly can turn your dazzling tiles dingy. The good news is, it’s not the same with us Dab the stain with warm soapy water or spray the gentler solution on it. Then wipe it with a damp cloth!

5. Innumerable memories forever!

off white kitchen tiles

Your kids are going to wreck our walls and floors, but of course, they are cute, they are family and above all, they are just kids. They are building their life, learning how things work and being their guardians, we shouldn't be their hurdles.  So have a laugh and let’s embrace this beautiful thing called parenthood.

Get AGL Tiles now, as our look and feel is impervious to harm. This Rakshabandhan, build a home which is fun, stylish and safe for your kids!

Happy Rakshabandhan!

Happy Independence Day!