When it comes to bathroom and bedroom, people usually overlook the importance of constructing a bathroom as Vastu guidelines. Constructing a bathroom in the wrong direction will lead to continual negativity in your home.

Although it is not advisable to have an attached bathroom to the bedroom if you do – here are simple Vastu tips you can follow to purify your home from the grip of negativity. For this reason, AGL has made a series of blog on Vastu for home plan.

This blog covers a very personal part of our home – bedroom, and bathroom.

Why it is important to consider Vastu for Bedroom and bathroom ?

Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra is not merely a science behind the construction, but rather promotes a blissful living. Since the kitchen is associated with prosperity and health of the family , basic Vastu of the home is considered beneficial for the inhabitants.

Here’s a suggestion by AGL tiles on what you need to do:

1. Bedroom and Bathroom direction as per Vastu

When the bathroom is attached to the bedroom, the master bedroom should be built in the South-West part of the house. The second best location is South or West.

Avoid building a bathroom in the South-West and North-East corners. West-side bedroom of the home is best for the children.

2. Placement of bathroom appliances based on Vastu

  1. 1.  Water closet: align it to North-South axis in the toilet.
  2. 2.  Toilet: should be placed in West, North-West or South-side
  3. 3.  Toilet: should be constructed at a few feet higher than ground level.
  4. 4.  Entrance door: the door to be constructed at East or North wall.
  5. 5.  Flooring slope: East or North for the water to drain in these directions.
  6. 6.  Water storage tanks or taps in East, North or North-East.
  7. 7.  Provide a small window in the toilet in East, West or North wall

3. Vastu colours for the Bedroom and Bathroom

In Bathroom, use light colors for bathroom usually white, grey tones, pink, light blue and other pastel colors. On the other hand, for bedroom, light rose, gray, blue, chocolate, green, etc is appropriate. If you are thinking of using marble stones (white and yellow colored) in the newly married couple’s bedroom due to its elegant look, don’t. It brings a dispute in the family.

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4. Doors & Windows

Make sure the door of your bedroom has a single shutter and opens completely without any noise.

5. Avoid building your bedroom in:

  • •  Northeast causes mishaps and sickness
  • •  South-East causes quarrel
  • •  Center of the house


Hope the Vastu Tips for Bedroom and attached bathroom make your life prosperous and happier!