Kitchen floor tiles

Thinking of choosing a tile for your home and office or any other commercial area in the same way? You are mistaken here! Your corporate space should look disciplined whereas home is a space for relaxation. The office should be aligned to make you productive and efficient. It includes professional yet sober corporate décor and interesting look and feel.  To fill this gap, it is important to pay careful attention to the selection of office floor tiles we have listed here.

It is regarded that your workplace is a direct reflection of your personality. So, be it creative, classy or subtle- it shows in the décor theme. Here are some ideas you should consider:

1. Office corridors and circulation areas

off white kitchen tiles

It’s no secret that the environment plays an important role in making you more productive at work. And it turns out that there are many incredible and economical tricks Asian Granito Tiles (AGL) can offer you. This is because the ambiance of your office relies majorly on factors like - tile texture, size, pattern, finish (glossy or matt), and design. It will make you feel more energized and motivated every second of every day.

The corridor, circulation area or waiting space shown in the concept above consists of black and white color theme to keep the look simple and stimulate the corporate feel.

2. Frontier in your office space – outdoors!

off white kitchen tiles

The key to staying motivated all day is to have an energizing indoors as well as outdoors. Having an open outdoor space is often stress buster for employees and is commonly used to refresh the mind and aid concentration. All these elements together form de-stress ambiance in and out.

The concept above has used large-format floor tiles to give your office outdoor space a tidier look whereas white even lines on them add interest to space. Add some greenery and a few lamps to maintain enough light even in the evening!

3. Organized for high-traffic office area

off white kitchen tiles

The entry pave-way of the office is usually crowded. Having a large number of footfalls demands regular maintenance, anti-skid quality, and sturdy features of the tiles to remain in regular shape for a longer period of time.

Moreover, space has to be a classic one. The organized and unparalleled form of sophistication is due to the large-sized floor tiles. This human-centered area shown above has been incorporated by some wide glass window view, natural materials like wood, a reception area in one of the corners.

4. AGL Tiles for hotels and restaurants

off white kitchen tiles

It is advisable to opt for the tile size that entails minimum cutting and wastage, especially in restaurants and hotels. Another major category includes the kind of tile you need.

Vitrified tiles are the best bet for flooring due to their durability and ability to withstand heavy wear and tear due to moving trolleys, running children or rushing adults. 

For walls: ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles are perfect due to their non-porous nature. Opt for light or neutral shades to create an intimate look indoors.

Readers, does your office have an interesting ambiance in and out? Tell us about in the comments below!