When it comes to building your dream home, you leave no stone unturned. Right from the quality of raw materials to tile finish- you make sure that everything is chosen of the nicest quality. Then why compromise with floor tiles? Choose the best one for you, in all terms. Granite and Vitrified are two most-used materials for floor tiles. In this post, we tell you which one is the best fit for your home:

1. Affordability

Affordability is the first and foremost thing that comes into picture when it is about choosing the right floor tiles. Generally, Granite is more expensive than Vitrified tiles because it is made of naturally-available stone which is extracted from rocks. And it is a massive process that costs too much. On another hand, Vitrified tiles are manmade- synthetically engineered, coated with protective materials and given decorative designs. Plain ceramic tiles are gone through a process called vitrification and thus become the Vitrified tiles. Hence being affordable, they are widely used for floors.

2. Easy to use and maintain

Both Granite and Vitrified tiles are easy to maintain- once they are laid and settled, you need not worry much for years. But if we compare both options, Granite tiles need to be polished every couple of years. Also, both are non-porous and ideal for homes and offices. Granite is highly corroded by acids such as Hydrochloric acid whereas Vitrified tiles don’t react with such acids and hence, acidic cleaners! Apart from this, when these floor tiles get damaged, that specific part has to be replaced with same tiles. But if you pick Granite, it’s almost difficult to find the exact replica as it is available in nature.

And in case you wish to have Granite finish with Vitrified properties, that’s also possible! In the market, you’ll get Granite-finish Vitrified floor tiles.

So now, we assume that it’s easier for you to make the right choice for the floor tiles. Right? For more guides, tips and décor inspiration, keep reading our blog posts.