After a tiring and long day, that one thing that we most specifically look forward to is a hot shower and some relaxing time. Thus, making the bathroom that one space which lets us slowly forget the hassles of the day and spend some time with ourselves. One most significant element that lets us create this peaceful environment is the tiles that we choose for our bathroom. To help you with some ideas, here are a few points!


1. Separate areas of your space with different Bathroom Tiles!

You read it right! It is very much possible to separate spaces and elements merely by using different tiles or forming distinct areas through geometrical shapes. For ex: You can build a boundary around your mirror by using sleek black tiles while the rest of the wall tiles have a lighter shade.


2. Texture in the Bathroom Tiles will give your space a very natural touch.

Ever thought of relaxing by a lake in the shade of huge bamboo trees? Your dream is about to become a reality! Tiles with nature inspired texture are available in the market which let you create a natural and peaceful environment. You can easily find these Bathroom Tiles here. AGL Tiles are fit to be used in your bathroom and safe to be installed as Floor Tiles.


3. Plan your check-mate the chess board!

Install black and white check tiles in your shower space. It will separate it from the rest of the bathroom. What now sounds a little over ‘board’ will enhance the look of your bathroom and give it a completely new and unique look.


4. Marble Marvel!

Who said marble cannot be used as a bathroom tile? If you want to give your space a luxurious feel then this is exactly what you are looking for! AGL has a wide range of options in the form of colours and patterns to choose from, and with marble, we are sure everybody will marvel at it. Find options here.


5. Same tiles for the floor and wall, both!

You read it right, it is very much possible to have the same tiles for the wall and floor, both! This will give your bathroom a classic, simple, yet sophisticated look. You can choose to go for either a light shade, reflecting more space or a darker shade, which creates a more enclosed and personal space.

We all want out personal space to reflect a positive aura and match our style. Apart from these ideas, there are a lot of other things that you can do by forming a scheme or pattern of your own. If you are looking for more options in Bathroom Tiles, click here!