The kitchen of a modern home is one of the most prominent and fascinating spaces for a family. It deserves as much attention in styling as any other room while also considering the comfort quotient. If you are looking forward to giving your kitchen a fresh look, here are 5 ideas that might help you!


1. Wooden Floor tiles for your kitchen to give it a rustic look!

Wooden Tiles have the ability to completely enhance the look of a room with their rustic feel. Having these tiles in the kitchen gives it a contemporary twist while their visual appearance also resonates coziness at the same time. Kitchen Floor tiles require special attention in terms of hygiene and having wooden tiles makes it easier by simplifying the cleaning process. Looking for tiles with a wooden texture? Find them here!


2. Go for large sized Tiles with glazed surface.

Installing bigger tiles in a kitchen will not only create an illusion of a larger space but also give your kitchen a neat and comfortable look. Along with this, having glazed surface will also make the cleaning process easier. Include plain colors and there you have a perfectly designed kitchen with the floor tiles becoming the cherry on top.


3. Play with colours, whether loud or subtle!

The colour that you choose has the power to completely transform the look of your space. The kitchen does not necessarily need plain colors. You can choose to have a dark shade for the Floor Tiles or play with multiple combinations to reflect just what you want and make the kitchen everybody’s favourite place.


4. Porcelain tiles for your Kitchen Floor!

Porcelain Tiles have a thick density which carries the colour and pattern all through the tile. They make for a good option for Kitchen Tiles because of their absorption and scratch resistant abilities. These Tiles are most suitable for spaces that have high foot traffic.

If you are looking for Floor Tiles for your own kitchen, AGL has several options that you can choose from. click here! to see multiple designs and patterns and make your kitchen everybody’s favourite place!