Ceramic Tiles are the most ‘in’ thing in India’s Home Décor scene and rapidly becoming people’s first choice for floor or wall tiles. What makes them stand apart and give your space the desirable look? Let’s find out!


1. They are easy to maintain!

These tiles don’t require frequent cleaning and maintenance. They are the most convenient tiles to have in one’s home and office, thanks to their effortless cleanup process. A swipe once a day does the work for them whereas the other type of tiles require continuous cleaning and polishing. Apart from being easy to maintain, they are also easy to install.


2. These tiles last long and remain strong!

If you are looking for durability and tiles that last long, then Ceramic is just what you need. If laid professionally, they can last for years and make your space look as good as new. With the ability to sustain heavy weights without cracks, Ceramic Tiles in India are people’s first choice and are sure to remain on top for a long time.


3. Numerous choices, several designs!

Ceramic Tiles come in several colors, patterns and designs giving people the freedom to design their space whichever way they like. This automatically attracts people to choose Ceramic Tiles over everything else and make use of the vast array of designs that we have. If you are looking for designs yourself, click here! to see AGL’s impressive range on the website.


4. They are Scratch Resistant!

Whether you have kids at home or a lot of heavy furniture, Ceramic Tiles with their scratch resistant technology should be your top choice to save you from polishing the floor time and again. AGL Tiles are specially manufactured with advanced technology to sustain heavy weights and withstand constant movements.

We have all dreamt about having the perfect home with top class amenities and most importantly, of having a home that sustains for a long time. The flooring takes up some major decision making time and usually ends up with the same answer every time, Ceramic Tiles! Apart from all the above advantages, these tiles also make for a healthy choice considering their bacteria averse characteristic and immediate availability. Asian Granito offers a wide array of tiles that you can choose from for your space and Ceramic is just one of them. If you are looking for more designs and patterns, click here!