Our office space defines our work culture, which directly influences the growth that a company wants to achieve. In case you are looking to transform the space that you work in and want to give it a completely new look and feel, the first thing that you would want to start with is the Floor Tiles.


Forming one of the most fundamental aspect of an office’s energy, here are a few tips to help you make the right choice and get the most appropriate tiles!


1. Let your Floor Tiles be your carpet!

Available in Ceramic and other modern styles, such type of flooring helps you reduce the maintenance and is the classic way of driving the energy of your space in your own way. Easy to install and available in multiple designs and colors, this pattern of Floor Tiles is sure to reflect just the kind of energy that you would want in your environment.


2. Geometry and Office Floor Tiles go hand in hand!

Want to go for the basics? We have just the solution for you! Floor Tiles come in various designs and patterns making it easy for us to experiment and form combinations of our own. For example, give a twist to the most basic tiles by combining a sleek strip of black on the side with the shade of Galaxy White. You could also go for Marble Tiles for the floor, Ceramic Tiles for the wall or vice versa. Click here to see more patterns and designs.


3. Bigger the Floor Tiles, lesser the distraction!

Having too many patterns and a mixture of colors may hamper the concentration and aura of the working space that you spend the majority of your day in. To avoid the distraction, larger tiles can be installed to not only reflect a lighter energy, but also make the space look bigger and wider.


It takes a huge amount of energy and untiring efforts to make our office space what it is and adorning them with the right kind of tiles is one of the fundamental steps towards building the right energy. So, make the first move and make it like a pro! To see more designs and patterns, click here.