Granite Tiles, apart from being extremely durable are also very adaptable. They can be installed almost anywhere ranging from your homes to large commercial spaces. It is often referred to as the ‘Queen Of Stones’ in context of flooring. Easy to install, they are fit to be used anywhere and for any purpose. Want to know how else they can help? Let’s find out!


1. They add resale value to a house.

Granite is valuable and automatically adds to the resale amount of a house. Along with its qualities as a stone, this is one of the reason that people prefer having Granite Floor Tiles. The weightage of these Tiles’ values is high for home buyers and sellers alike.


2. Scratch Resistant!

This natural stone is highly scratch resistant. Whether you have little kids at home or pets who just can’t understand how dreadful a scratched floor looks, there is nothing that Granite Tiles can’t survive. AGL has multiple options available for Granite Flooring, find them here.


3. Forget the sunscreen, Granite Tiles come to the rescue!

Looking for tiles to be installed outdoors? Granite is just what you need! Whether it is for Swimming Pools or verandahs, porches or rooms under direct sunlight, these tiles protect the floor against harmful rays and make it more durable.


4. Fit to be installed in hot places

Granite is cooler than the other stones. Their temperature is less compared to the actual room temperature of a place. It enables a person to relax their feet on the floor.


5. Widely available!

Thanks to their popularity, Granite is available almost all around the world easily and in multiple patterns and colors. Acquiring them is an easy job and installing them, even easier!

Apart from the above advantages, Granite Tiles are also very easy to clean and maintain. Now you know what to pick the next time you go out for buying floor tiles. To see more options and colors, you can visit AGL’s website here.