its smooth texture and increases the grandness quotient of the room. There are a lot of ways and ideas that can be used to make Marble Tiles even more appealing than they already are. Let’s have a look at some of them here:


1. Mix multiple natural elements.

Imagine a kitchen with wooden flooring and a marble kitchen splash back. Sounds odd? Not really! Playing with natural elements in the same room will not only give it a unique look but also give it a refreshing energy. Subtle colours can be used to tone it down a bit while at the same time maintaining the freshness. This would work just the same for bathrooms as well, considering they are a personalized space and natural elements would enhance the relaxation experience even more.


2. Marble Feature wall!

Don’t want the conventional bathroom? We know what to do! Pick a wall, the large one which isn’t covered with cupboards or equipment and make it stand out with a contrasting style. Adorn it with Marble Tiles which have a different colour scheme or pattern and let it become the highlight of your bathroom. These feature walls make the bathroom look modern and add a distinctive touch to the space. Looking for options? Click here!.


3. Marble for the fire place.

Even though houses in India may not require a fire place, but they sure add an English touch to the room. To enhance the look even more, you can surround the panel with Marble Tiles which may or may not match the colour scheme of the rest of the room. Contrary to popular belief, this will actually enhance the look and feel of the space and make it look more appealing visually.


4. Break the pattern with marble tile separators instead of glass ones.

Glass separators have run their time, it is time to experiment and replace them with something new. You can use a Marble Tile wall instead of a translucent glass. It will not only make the space more personalized but also enhance the look. This will be a good way to distinguish between spaces instead of forming actual brick walls.

Thera are a lot of other ways in which Marble Tiles can be played around with. Keep up with our blog to keep getting new ideas and to explore new style and patterns. Click here to know more about AGL Tiles.