Vitrified tiles are popular as the best alternative to marble for their low porosity, durability, consistent quality, wide range and low maintenance.

Vitrified tile is essentially a ceramic tile that has undergone the vitrification process by hydraulic pressing a mixture of clay, quartz, feldspar and silica, which results in the vitreous, glassy luster or sheen surface with low porosity.

Digital Glazed vitrified tiles like AGL Grestek Marvel take the aesthetic and functional benefits of vitrified tiles to the next level. Available in a wide range of designs, artwork and surface texture like natural stone, wood, bamboo, AGL Grestek Marvel are premium color body tiles that bear qualities beyond its time and technology.

Characteristics of Grestek Marvel Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Unlike the double charge vitrified tiles that have a thick double layer pigment of 3-4 mm, the glazed vitrified tiles have a pigment layer of upto 1mm on the surface. Their major features include:

Wide-range of designs for natural look:

Grestek Marvel offers an unparalleled range of designs for amazing stone, wood & graphics with a natural look for commercial and domestic flooring. Stunning designs include Agatha Beige Mirror (600x1200mm) or Naples Beige (600x1200mm) as also in Large Format tiles like Dynasty Rose (800x800mm) or Nutra Honey (800x800mm) for the natural stone-like look. Outstanding designs in contemporary graphics and wood-like finish include Grestek Marvel Decor and Timber Mahogany or Peroba Wood apart from a whole array of stunning designs. As the pioneers in introducing digital printing in India, AGL Tiles uses the latest HIGH DEFINITION inkjet technology from world-class manufacturers of digital UV inkjet printing systems and digital ceramic printing like Durst Digital Glaze printing technology and EFI Creta digital.

Powered by Hi-Tech TUFF GUARD:

AGL Grestek Marvel also comes with Hi-Tech TUFF GUARD that gives the tile unmatched strength, very low-porosity, enhanced glaze, enhanced glaze, highly abrasion resistance with superb surface finishes in multitude of designs.

Multi-functional Benefits:

Apart from the inherent benefits of a vitrified tile, AGL Grestek Digital Glazed Tiles are resistant to scratch, abrasion and stain. These also have an anti-slid surface and extremely low water-absorption.

Wide-range of sizes:

AGL Tiles Grestek Marvel features the largest range of digital glazed vitrified tiles from large format tiles of 800x800mm and 600x1200mm, 146x1200mm to regular tile sizes of 300x300mm.

Where are Glazed Vitrified Tiles Best Suited

Because glazed vitrified tiles are available in multitude of designs, have low porosity and resistant to scratch, abrasion, stain they are suitable as floor and wall tiles for versatile domestic and commercial purposes. From airport terminals, hotels, shopping malls, pubs and schools to residential projects, digital glazed vitrified tiles are the best flooring option that is elegant, affordable and durable.