Kitchen is the most important room in your home and literally the heart of your home. It is where family stories are shared and lovely memories made.

AGL Tiles offers you a stunning collection of modern, sleek and classic kitchen floor tiles and digital wall tiles like AGL Tiles Zirve Grey 300 x 450 mm or Wave Bianco that could just be the secret ingredient that your kitchen might be missing.

However kitchen floor is prone to moisture, bacteria and stains therefore the choice of kitchen flooring, from the type of kitchen floor to the size of vitrified tile used determines the cleanliness of your kitchen. Flooring apart, the choice of vitrified wall tiles for kitchen walls and splashback are equally critical in ensuring a clean, stylish and inviting kitchen space.

Kitchen Floor- Which is the Best Kitchen Floor Tile Size

While modern kitchen tiles come in all shapes and sizes ranging from the hexagonal tiles to the large format vitrified tiles, the size of kitchen floor tiles is better suited to the size of kitchen and personal opinion:

Large Format Tiles:

Large format tiles make the kitchen appear more spacious, are easy to maintain and due to less grout lines give the kitchen an elegant and sophisticated look. The AGL Tiles Harmony Beige or Egyptian Grey are few such excellent examples.

300 mm Tiles Size:

Considered to be the standard size for kitchen flooring, the 300 size range offers a wide variety of designs and configurations. These range from 300 x 450 mm, 300 x 900 mm to 300 x 300 mm. These are affordable and make the ideal choice for most of kitchen floor sizes.

Hexagonal Floor Tiles:

The honeycomb inspired design trend adds a distinct appeal and trendy touch to your kitchen especially in large format tiles sizes like the AGL Tiles Hexa Stylin Decor Set 305 x 350 mm.

Discover the wide floor and wall tiles range at AGL Tiles today to transform your kitchen into an elegant and functional kitchen that stands out as the style statement of your home.