Dark Tiles vs Light Tiles: Which Is Better for Your Bathroom?

The bathroom is an essential space in any home, serving as a peaceful retreat for grooming and relaxation. Choosing the right floor tiles and wall tiles colour is important. The two most popular shades of bathroom tiles are dark and light and homeowners often get confused between them. Both of these bathroom tile colours work well if designed the right way. Here we will explore the pros and cons of both dark and light bathroom tiles to help you select the best one!

Dark Tiles

Pros of Dark Bathroom Tiles

Bold Look

Dark floor tiles can give your space a bold and strong appearance. Such dark shades of tiles can be installed in small sections to highlight specific areas. For the bathroom you you can use them behind the bathroom, such as behind the bathtub, shower, or wall mirror.

Dark flooring has a heartier, warmer, and more elegant appearance. These floor tiles are ideal for. These floor tiles are ideal for exotic, rustic, industrial, and minimalist settings.

Picture your bathroom adorned with elegant dark grey, dark brown, or dark wood tiles for a timeless and classic appearance. Homeowners can take it to the next level by installing dark marble tiles.

Contemporary Feel

Dark tiles are an excellent starting point for creating trendy aesthetics and an amazing ambience. Dark bathroom tiles are distinguished, modern, stylish, and sophisticated. Yet they are simple to incorporate into a variety of theme sets. You can explore multiple layout patterns like herringbone patterns, staggered patterns, or pinwheel patterns to enhance the look.

The dark floor tiles will offer a nice contrast with the lighter wall tiles. Making the space look modern and fresh. Dark bathroom tiles are the most popular application of these tiles for a contemporary feel.

Low Maintenance

Dark tiles and dark grout work well together. Making a dark tile theme is beneficial for those who want to hide grout. The dark grout will help you hide dirt and grime to a great extent. But keep in mind that dark floor tiles or wall tiles too require maintenance. But not as often as light colour tiles.

Cons of Dark Bathroom Tiles

Darkens the Area

When compared to light-coloured tiles, dark-coloured tiles absorb more light. As a result, dark tiles can give the impression that the room is smaller and darker. So, dark floor tiles or wall tiles are the not best option for smaller rooms. However, if you still wish to install dark tiles into your limited space then there is a way to overcome it. Strategically install mirrors into the space to reflect more light and make the room shine. You can also install ceiling lights at various points to brighten up the bathroom.

Make the Bathroom Feel Smaller

The dark bathroom tiles anchor the floor, making the space appear smaller. To avoid this feeling, we recommend using light-coloured tiles for the floor with dark-coloured tiles for the walls or vice-versa. This contrast will create a horizon that will make the room appear larger.

Light Tiles

Pros of Light Bathroom Tiles

Timeless Look

Light colour palettes will never go out of style, whether it's a white car or a white interior. Light-coloured tiles are a timeless choice for any room. Because they allow you to highlight decor elements such as a stylish mirror or a sassy Jacuzzi. AGL Tiles' classic light-coloured tiles can be combined to achieve the aesthetics of minimalistic beauty. So, if you are looking for light grey tiles light blue tiles light pink tiles, or any other light tiles, we've got you covered.

Makes the Bathroom Look Bigger

Light tiles reflect the majority of the light, brightening the entire room. Light-coloured rooms require fewer ceiling lights because the minimalistic elegance already shines throughout the space, making it feel light and airy. Light floors will help you make the most of both natural and artificial lighting in a room. Moreover, with this choice of floor tiles, you get a ton of interesting colours to select from.

Blends Seamlessly with Dark Decor Pieces

If you have got dark decor pieces in the item, surely go for light floor or wall tiles. Because it will create a contrast and the light background will emphasise all of the dark-coloured decor elements in the bathroom. Checkerboard flooring with black & white floor tiles is an interesting way to include both colours seamlessly.

Moreover, light flooring complements a broad range of home design styles, from classic to modern and fashionable.

Cons of Light Tiles

High Maintenance

Because light floors show every speck of dust, they must be cleaned regularly. As much as we enjoy the look of a light colour palette in our bathroom, it becomes regular to clean them. Because the dirt and grime on these tiles are clearly visible. In such cases, you can go for low-maintenance bathroom tiles options such as ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles.

Can Create an Impersonal Atmosphere

A completely white appearance might create an impersonal and harsh environment. If you can't strike a balance between the light tiles and the bathroom décor, bathware and sanitaryware the result will be a bland design that seems lifeless and cold. So just selecting white bathroom tiles is not enough to create an aesthetically appealing bathroom, don't forget about the contrast

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all the facts in front of you, go for the bathroom tiles that work best for you. No matter what colour bathroom tiles you select, a stylish look is sure. It's best to explore multiple options of bathroom tiles and choose the most preferred one.

AGL Tiles has a wide range of bathroom tiles available in a variety of darker and lighter shades!


The choice between light or dark bathroom floor tiles depends on personal preference and the desired ambience. Light floor tiles create a spacious, airy feel, while dark floor tiles can offer a cosy atmosphere.

Light and neutral colours, such as whites, blues, and soft greens, are ideal for bathroom tiles. They create a clean, serene atmosphere, reflect light, and provide a timeless and versatile aesthetic.

Dark bathroom tiles make a bathroom feel cosy but can make it look smaller. You can add other elements of light colours such as sanitaryware and bathware to balance out the look.

White tiles in a bathroom can make it look bigger because they reflect light and make the space feel open and clean. The light colour also helps the room seem brighter and more spacious.