Types of Urinals- Urinal Buying Guide

In addition to being easily identifiable, urinals are often used for their size in public areas. They don't use much space; therefore, every wall of the bathroom can feature a urinal. Aside from the fact that several can be put within a bathroom, their size also allows for more guys to be accommodated in a single bathroom, resulting in less waiting time between users.

Urinals provide a unique range of benefits compared to regular toilets. It takes less room than toilets, cleaning and maintenance are much easier, and it can save a lot of money with less water. In fact, some urinals don't actually even have to work with water!

Of course, a very substantial portion of the population will never have or utilise urinal products despite all the benefits they may bring. In the bathrooms, all across the world, the toilet will continue as the throne of choice. However, there's definitely some reason why a urinal may save you money and make bathroom cleaning less of a burden.

Urinals are being used at home, in industry, in the office, in public areas and everywhere else. We'll see in this post all kinds of urinals you can get on the market. You are on the right post if you plan to buy urinals for any reason and are confused about what to buy.

We have created a thorough buying guide that includes everything you need to know when looking at your possibilities to help you learn more about urinals. Whether you're buying a urinal for a commercial enterprise or incorporating one into a renovation bathroom, this guide helps you understand your options better so you can make conscious decisions. 

Types of Urinals:

Many public buildings are obliged to provide public amenities, and it is a common choice in this regard to installing urinals for men. Unlike most people, in addition to the most often used Indian toilet, there are many varieties of urinals. Commercial building owners may pick from several varieties of urinal available on the market, according to the estimated number of users at any time and the level of style desired. Here are some different types of urinals you can find on the market:

Sensor Urinal: This is the sort of urinal you typically see for good reason in shopping centres and airports. Since people are in a rush in certain situations, it makes much sense to put up anything that saves customers' time. Sensor urinals are distinguished by the presence of blinking or flashing sensors that detect human activity. The urinal flushes by itself after the sensor determines that the urinal is not occupied. 

Sensor Urinal

Squatting Urinal: As the name indicates, a squatting urinal is so short a urinal that it practically bounds on a section of the floor. These urinals are mostly for ladies and are mounted on the ground. That type of urinal is used to avoid urine splashing in a full squat position. Women's urinals may be suited for usage in public restrooms, which are often used throughout the day and draw a significant number of visitors, particularly in locations such as theatres, stadiums, schools, universities, nightclubs, shopping malls, and public transportation.  

Sensor Urinal

Waterless Urinal: Also known as a urinal without water, a waterless urinal is mostly a male urinal intended to aid a water-saving facility. Such urinals are intended mainly for the saving of water. The urine flows through an oil screen which locks the urinal odour. For the purpose of waterless urinals, a cartridge is used.

Corner Urinals: It's actually a Flatback urinal, but it's intended to fit into a corner of the wall. It allows you to conserve space. This sort of urinal can only be used in a corner of a wall and nowhere else. Basically, a corner urinal is a flat back urinal intended to suit a corner so that it may save you room.

Things to Consider When Buying a Urinal:

Whether you purchase a urinal for a company or a restructuring bathroom at home, you will have to consider many of the same factors as you restrict yourself and explore all of your choices. Here are several factors that you should consider during your shopping: 

Sensor Urinal

  • It is strongly suggested that you assess the space that is available before you even start looking at your alternatives. You don't want to spend time seeing urinals that don't fit. Or, worse, purchase one that's ideal, just to find it isn't right.
  • Features that increase the efficiency of your urine typically increase your initial urinal costs but will also save you money over time. Some amenities, like an automated flush, will also raise costs. 
  • You may give handless or sensor flush urinals to consumers who desire a more hygienic alternative. These choices can guarantee that your urinals remain a bit cleaner so that your cleaning personnel can do it easily and can provide your users with some peace of mind when they do not have to face germs when they press a lever to flush.
  • Urinals are available in a variety of shapes and styles at AGL Bathware, so if aesthetics are important to you, you'll find lots of alternatives here.
  • Of course, you will have to clean whatever urinal you buy. That is likely to be the worst part of the urinal. Make sure to check out the ease of cleaning.