Commercial projects like shopping malls, hospitals, corporate offices, cinemas, restaurants, etc. attract heavy traffic and high foot-falls. Therefore they demand flooring solutions that can withstand heavy wear and tear and yet maintain its shine and look swanky for many years.

Due to the constant exposure to heavy commercial traffic the flooring usually faces abrasion caused by dust-particles, wear and tear due to daily usage as also the application of cleaning agents like acids, alkalis and chemicals. So how can you retain the beauty, sheen and premium look of flooring in these areas and not let them worn out due to heavy footfalls and high traffic?

Why Porcellanto Tuff Guard is Perfect Solutions for High Traffic Areas

Porcellanto Tuff Guard by AGL Tiles is your perfect answer to high performance flooring solutions for high traffic areas. The PEI 5 compliant Porcellanto Tuff Guard tiles offer you the most durable and attractive floor solutions. Powered by Hi-Tech Tough Guard Digital technology, it provides you astonishing endurance, high-resistance to abrasion and tiles that are stain-free and scratch-free even in cases of rough usage to help retain the premium elegant look of the floor even after many years.

The AGL Tiles Porcellanto Tuff Guard also conforms to the below mentioned two of highest testing systems to ensure that they deliver high-performance quality.

PEI 5 Compliant:

The PEI Scale abrasion test is the standard that consumer’s use to determine which tile to buy according to purpose and location. The test indicates tile hardness and durability to withstand high traffic. The AGL Tiles Porcellanto Tuff Guard tiles are (Porcelain Enamel Institute) PEI 5 compliant and therefore suitable for areas with heavy footfall traffic, abrasive dirt and moisture and where safety and performance are required.

MOH Scale Hardness:

The MOH Scale tests the scale of hardness from (1) Talc to (10) Diamond and is used to determine a tile’s scratch resistance. While most of the porcelain tiles often have a rating of 7 or 8, the AGL Tiles Porcellanto Tuff Guard stands out with a rating of 9, next to Diamond which shows its hyper-resistance to scratches.

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