Symptoms of bursitis in shoulder

With the first symptoms of bursitis in shoulder I started looking for more information on its treatment. I found a very good article here. It is very readable though written by professionals. I really hope you would find it quite informative if you happen to have the same problems.


Large format vitrified tiles are the current favorite of home décor experts world-wide in 2016. They are versatile, durable, low on maintenance and are available in stunning designs and varieties, no wonder they have emerged as the best alternative to marble or granite.

New innovative tiles like the double charged vitrified tiles JUMBO (1000 x 1000mm) and IMPERIO (800x 800mm) by AGL Tiles further make vitrified tiles a preferred choice. High on aesthetics and functionality vitrified tiles, especially the large format tiles (LFT) offer great value for money. So what makes vitrified tiles such a compelling choice? We list down some major benefits to help you understand why it is a smart choice.

Major Benefits of Vitrified Tiles

Variety of color, design and patterns:

The wide range of designs, colors and patterns allow you to get creative and graphic with floorings and wall ascents. From 3D designs to Italian marble or even natural stone-like art-work, vitrified tiles offer you plenty to choose from. In 2016, the contemporary minimalist designs of sleek, simple and sophisticated designs are a popular trend and drive the demand large format tiles. Vitrified tiles also look sophisticated and very premium which enhances the visual appeal of the room. Especially in case of large format tiles, the reduction in grout lines makes the area appear spacious.

Low Porosity:

Vitrified tiles have very low porosity (almost 0.5%) and therefore offer excellent water and frost resistance. Vitrified tiles also offer greater resistance to acid and alkaline spillage. The low porosity also makes them bacteria-free and ideal for bathrooms or areas where hygiene is importance. The latest innovation of double charged tiles are dense with a pattern with double layer of pigment, almost 3-4 thicker than other tiles, this makes it more durable and ideal for high traffic areas and commercial projects.

Easy Maintenance:

Vitrified tiles are water and frost resistance and do not attract dust. Being stain resistant, these are easy to clean and maintain. The man-made vitrified tiles usually take 48-hours to set and the installation cost is much cheaper than granite or marble.

Easy Installation:

Vitrified tiles do not require polishing like marble and are easy to install and handle. They have a low setting time and take barely less than 48 hours to set.


Since these are man-manufactured these are cheaper as compared to other popular alternatives like Granite, Marble or Wooden flooring. The wide variety come in small sizes as also large format tiles like the JUMBO (1000x 1000mm), IMPERIO (800 x 800mm) in different types like soluble salts vitrified tiles, Double Charged, Digital/ Glazed Vitrified tiles with Nano- technology and VC shield.