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A bathroom is a retreat, almost like an oasis in your home. It ought to have an environment that is calm and relaxing. Therefore it demands considerable attention to the type, design and shape of floor tiles and wall tiles in order to maximize space and create a serene environment that is also optimally designed for function.

Renovating your bathroom is a big investment of time and money. It therefore demands that you to pay attention to each details such as flooring and walls to achieve the perfect look. We explore top 5 tips to help you choose the perfect bathroom tiles for your home as also the must-have bathroom design trends of 2016.

Types of Bathroom Tiles

While Marble and Granite add beauty and durability to high-end bathroom floors, they are very expensive, hard to maintain and because it is very absorbent, can stain very quickly.

Porcelain tiles are a very popular choice over Ceramic tiles or the low-cost vinyl tiles because it is more stain and water resistant, anti-skid, anti-bacterial and fire-resistant. These attract less dust and low on maintenance. Thanks to innovations in digital printing technology, these offer versatile designs from the natural-stone look to the latest 3D prints. The AGL Tiles PORCELLANTO -TUFF GUARD is an excellent example of such Porcelain tiles to beautify your bathroom.

Size/ Shape of Bathroom Tiles:

The latest trend of large format tiles adds a sophisticated, luxe look that is very appealing and also makes the space appear bigger. Similarly contemporary hexagonal tiles like the AGL Tiles Hexa Ethnic Brown too are a major trend in 2016 and create a captivating look especially with contrast grout lines.

Design of Bathroom Tiles

Colors can make or break the look of your bathroom. Consider using monochromatic palette that offers a luxe, relaxed ambience. Prefer light colors and soft pastels like the AGL Tiles Rubino Beige for smaller bathrooms to make them look brighter and spacious. While for large bathrooms it is suggested to go with a monochromatic palette on large format tiles to complement the sense of space and fully utilize the real estate in your bathroom.

At AGL Tiles we specialize in the most diverse array of contemporary and modern designs across the entire tile and marble product range.