The smallest change can make a big difference to you, especially if it is related to Vastu Shastra. To bring a lot of prosperity and luck, AGL has made a series of blog on Vastu for home plan. This blog covers a small but very important part of your home – living room.

Why it is important to consider Vastu for the living room?

Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra is not merely a science behind the construction, but rather promotes a blissful living. Since drawing room is associated with inside and outside people, basic Vastu of home should begin with it. The living room is a place to entertain guests in a home. Some have positive energy while others have negative. The living room should be well equipped to get rid of this negative energy before it spreads throughout your home.

Here’s a suggestion by AGL tiles on what you need to do:

1. Preferable Location

  • •  North-west: develops a sense of relentless in the guests encouraging them to leave early

  • •  North-east: bestows family with positive energy

  • •  South-west: Attracts guests

  • •  Northern: brings a lot of wealth

2. Positions of home décor in your living room

  • •  Plants: Decorate northeast corner of your room with small plants and bushes.

  • •  Pooja Ghar: A small cabinet in the northeast side of the drawing hall

  • •  Curtains: Light colored curtains for windows in north or east, heavy drapes otherwise.

  • •  Television: Avoid fixing it in the northwestern wall

  • •  Telephone: Place telephone in East, South-East or North

  • •  Air conditioner: Install it in West, North-West or East

  • •  Paintings: Northeast wall is perfect to demonstrate your love for art. Avoid pictures that show misery.

  • •  Lights: Bright light invites positive vibes. Soothing glow creates a cozy environment

3. Vastu colours for the living room

Right colors bring positive energy. As per Vastu, lighter shades of yellow, green, blue and white create a peaceful atmosphere. Use these in combination to maximize space positivity. For living room walls, avoid black and red.

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4. Doors & Windows

There should be even numbers of doors and windows like 2, 4, 6 etc. The main door should not have obstructions like plants, trees, staircases around. Use pictures of Ganesha, Om, Laxmi or Swastika on doors. The windows should be inclined towards north-east.

5. Seating

As per Vastu, it is advisable that the head of the family and their spouse should sit in the southwest corner facing the northeast or the east. You should make sitting arrangements for your guests in the direction of south-east and north-west of your living room. Let the eastern and northern corners of your room breathe free.

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