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If you’re trying to decorate your walls behind the sofa, you might feel you have limited options. But, it is not true. Those empty walls are filled with possibilities to make your room cozy and stylish.

No matter which style you prefer, there are always some home décor tips and tricks to amp up your walls. Few of them are listed here. Have a look at them.

1. Creative tile design for hall

off white kitchen tiles

Tiles are a highly versatile product and can be used in your living rooms to make it look alive as a piece of art. Find some beautiful options that look stylish and exquisite without effort. AGL Wall tiles come in a variety of range from wood finish to creamy colors to give your room walls a charismatic appearance of peace and tranquility. Browse through the countless options and wall tile designs for hall at AGL.

2. Hang wall art above sofa

off white kitchen tiles

The most affordable and time-saving wall décor idea is photos and the results won’t disappoint you. A colorful mosaic photo wall will create a warm effect in your living room. You can also choose to display family photos in bulk or just an oversized painting or photograph. Images help to set the tone or you can try to make something on your own. It is simple and perfect!

3. Blank wall behind the sofa

off white kitchen tiles

If you are in favour of elegant and minimalist décor, this idea is for you. Light textured wall tiles behind the sofa highlights the furnishing elements in front of it in a good way. Use zesty and vibrant colored cushions, hanging lamps and bushes. Such a theme will help you make a smooth transition from pale to colorful displays.

Decorate your walls by a wide range of wall tiles

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4. Wall-sized mirror

off white kitchen tiles

What is better than a scenic view of nature right from your living room? Install a glass wall panels in your hall and take your home décor game to the next level.

With AGL Tiles by your side, learn how to master in home decoration tips, living room designs, Indian style and many more.