Things to Consider While Choosing Water Closets

Your bathroom is more than just a room in your home. A bathroom is a private haven that offers both solitude and relaxation. As a result, it is critical to carefully design and decorate your bathroom using the best sanitaryware. You can extend the luxurious design of your home's interior to your bathroom, starting with the colour scheme and finishing with furniture. And choose elements that provide both comfort and convenience, such as a spacious bathtub that complements the décor and a stylish commode that provides maximum hygiene. 

Given that the average person spends approximately 30 minutes per day in their bathroom, it is critical that it be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

So, here are some vital things you must consider before selecting the ideal sanitaryware for your bathroom. 

Look for the innovative toilet

With the advancement of technology, there is a wide range of western commodes that improve the ease of use as well as the style of the space. You can choose a western toilet commode with water-saving technology that saves water with a high-functioning flush system. It will not only reduce your water consumption and thus your water bill, but it will also assist you in adapting to environmentally friendly living. Other innovative features available include automatic flush, dual flush, high-pressure flush system, and so on. AGL tiles offer a wide range of advanced sanitaryware that also includes a water closet

Let the design blend in

Because your bathroom is an integral part of your home, it is critical that you extend the interior theme of your home to your bathrooms. You can increase the luxury by selecting colour themes, designs, textures, furniture, and style that complement your design. And execute them by installing suitable bathroom tiles

If you have designed your home in a modern and luxurious style, you can choose a western toilet that is sleek and clean. You can sift through the new designs crafted in various shapes and sizes to find one that complements your interior. If your bathroom has curved-edged furniture, for example, you can choose a round or oval-shaped western toilet.

Go for a size that fits well

When redoing your interior, it is critical to keep the size element in mind, especially when changing the measurements of the bathroom. Check the rough-in size to see if it fits in the space. When comparing sizes, choose the height that is convenient for use rather than just the interior design of the space. Everything must be taken into account, from the rough-in size to the size of the toilet. For example, if you buy a toilet for a child that is a little higher than they are used to, it will only add to the inconvenience. 

Match the style with your space

Western toilets can be small and come in two pieces, including the seat and the tank. Depending on your preferences and the structure, you can select a style that is simple to use and maintain. Toilets are classified into several types, ranging from one-piece toilets to wall-hung toilets and floor-mount toilets. A one-piece wall-hung toilet makes the space appear larger and is easier to clean and maintain. It is smaller in size and thus easier to install.

Don't forget about the features

The toilet and sanitaryware industry has been transformed by technological advancements. As a result, the toilets have a wide range of features from which to choose. Modern toilets provide the ultimate experience, from soft close seat covers to advanced water-saving technology and a high-functioning flush system. A soft closed seat cover prevents the seat from being slammed or left up. You can also install a smart technology automatic flush. Choosing a toilet with a powerful flushing system that also saves water will assist you in living a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. High-end features not only add to the luxury of your bathroom, but they also provide a lavish experience. 

When it comes to home planning and interior designing even the least expected places require a hint of style.  AGL tiles are India's leading tile manufacturer that also offers a ton of sanitaryware including water closets. Explore the multiple options to select the one that fulfills all of your expectations.


A water closet is a small, secluded area within a bigger bathroom that contains a toilet. This area may or may not feature a small sink for washing dishes. As a space-saving device, these rooms generally include sliding pocket doors.

It makes the toilet seat comfier, eliminates any sort of odour and water closets easy to maintain. The water closet offers a designated area where people spend around 30 minutes of their day.

There are several types of flush systems in the water closet. 3D Tornado Syphonic, 4D Rimless Siphonic, 4D Tornado Syphonic, 5D Syphonic, 6D Tornado Siphonic, Rimless, Rimless Tornado Siphonic, and many more. 

AGL tiles offer 3 types of water closets, namely a one-piece water closet, a two-piece water closet and a wall-hung water closet. Both of them offers a different set of functionality. Based on your need you can select the one.