Make your home winter-ready

Getting yourself ready for the winter is fairly easy, but getting your home ready for the winter is an entirely different story! So, unless you have some giant turtleneck sweater to drape around your home, read on to winter-proof your home!

Though most parts of India do not get much frost, the northern parts do have their share of chilly nights. There is a lot of diversity in the country’s winter climate with each part having varying degrees of cool weather. The preparation for winter has to be done accordingly.

Use vibrant colors

Adding vibrant colors is a good option as it will make your space look bright, whether the sun is out or not. And you can do so in multiple ways — be it with a portion of your wall tiles or by just throwing in some colorful cushions, table mats, runners, or even quilts or bedsheets. Another way is by adding a lively artifact to a corner.

Shift to heavy drapes

One of the most effective home winter tips is to change your curtains and drapes from light, breezy fabrics to heavier fabrics in dark colors that will help trap the heat within a room.

Using rugs and carpets

Much of the heat is lost by the hands and feet, so tipping around on cold wood, or concrete, in winter will not do you any good. Make sure you spend in a plush rug to keep your feet warm.

Update your bedding

For the summer months, crisp cotton and linen are fine, but flannel is where winter is! Trade your crisp sateen sheets for ones like flannel or jersey that will carry the moisture in them. Fold a quilt or throw a blanket over the foot of your bed while you're at it to keep it handy for the coldest nights. Organize your blankets and comforters to get your home ready for winter. Choose sustainable products if you invest in new ones.

Service the machines

Check and fix the room heaters, solar water heaters, boilers, and other heating systems before the chill arrives. This will not only minimize at a later stage the likelihood of an unfortunate malfunction but also ensure that the system runs successfully during the season.

Make your home odour-free

During winters, because the windows and doors are closed, there are chances that it will lead to bad odour accumulation in your house. Besides, there is a risk of a smelly house that would have a bad impact on potential guests if your home has a prolonged sewage problem. The heating systems too can give your home an unwanted odour. Use room fresheners and have your heating systems tested to make your home smell fresh, as it may be the main cause of the foul smell.

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