Home decoration ideas for a traditional Indian look

The interior architecture of Indian is steeped in a rich culture. It is a style that comes from our history with mixed influences. Ultimately, what we have is a style that is as diverse as our culture.

But don't get distracted by the sophistication and evolution of the Indian interior design theme. It is easier to bring in traditional theme décor in your home than you think! Some pro tips are listed here that will provide your home with a desi vibe:

Indian style furniture

Everything to treasure is in Indian style wood furniture. It will last for many decades if taken good care of and can even be passed on to the next generation. For those who love antique furniture, buying a few pieces for a new house in India serves not only as an investment but also as a creative choice to infuse a bit of tradition into the home.

Wooden furniture comes in a variety of options and the purpose of combining the old with the new can be successfully accomplished by even a single element in each room. Among the ideas for incorporating a traditional design with the aid of furniture are a four-poster bed in the master bedroom, a planter chair in the living room or veranda(balcony), a carved bar cabinet or sideboard in the dining room.

Add vibrant colored tiles to your walls

Although we're all for the tried-and-true neutrals, there's something alluring about a color-filled room. The vibrant spaces are more than enough inspiration to go bold once and for all, from a classic orange and blue living room to a striking red dining area.

The living room can also be wrapped in the finest shades of purple. Use cushions or pillows in dark shades of plum and violet. Create a cozy living room, the combination of vibrant hues that is stunning!

Decorative Cabinets

Cabinets are prevalent, but they can look ethnic if you decorate them with a few traditional idols, aesthetics, or other brightly painted stones and metals. In order to put active buzz-look into the empty space and use it as a space to hold antique objects such as lanterns, vases, candle holders and indoor plants, you can also position them alongside long vacant walls.

Reuse old items

Your old and unused things do not necessarily belong to the garbage. You can give them a second life and try to make your room more vibrant. This is also one of the easiest ways to repurpose your favorite stuff you really enjoy and cannot afford to throw away. The transformation of an old wooden ladder into storage shelves, old crockeries into plant holders, unused glass bottles into lamp fixtures, colorful calendar pages into picture frames, etc., are some wonderful examples. We are sure that you have more and more ideas on your sleeves to recycle old products and turn them into practical and fashionable home furnishings if you are a Do It Yourself enthusiast.

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