Live the elegance with AGL Bathware

From vintage fixtures to bold patterns, these beautiful bathware and faucet ideas will make your home's personal space the most peaceful:

Consider space availability

There are numerous types of new and trendy bathware and faucets available on the market. So, you might end up buying some accessories that would take up a lot of your bathroom space. Therefore, as per your bathroom area, shop for bathroom accessories that doesn’t make your bathroom look congested.

Know the finish

Shopping for the perfect finish of bathroom accessories and faucets are very necessary. Look out for those that complements the décor and design of your bathroom. The faucet you select should fit as well as match your sink-finish. AGL offers you innumerable bathware and faucet in different finishes that you’ll quickly find the match that goes well with all the latest bathroom styles, such as chrome, gold, rose gold and black.

Chrome finish:

Live the elegance with AGL Bathware

The foremost common finish for faucets of every kind. The reflective surface looks wonderful when clean, but is definitely marred by water stains. It has to be cleaned regularly.


Live the elegance with AGL Bathware

Currently a classy finish, gold is warm that appears retro or perhaps antique. Works best for bathrooms that try and achieve a retro, traditional look.

Rose Gold:

Live the elegance with AGL Bathware

Darker than brass, rose gold evokes luxury and tradition. Perfect for a luxurious spa-like experience!


Live the elegance with AGL Bathware

Modern and striking, black finishes are increasing in popularity. It hides dirt well and contrasts with light countertops and sinks.

Control the water flow faucets:

Live the elegance with AGL Bathware

A faucet with an integrated handle and spout looks neater as it is better in handling the flow of water. In the high-tech bathroom, to ensure it is synchronous with the rest of the décor, pick between the pull-down and the bib tab. You may prefer the sensor faucet to the washbasin.

Use drawer dividers in the bathroom cabinets:

If you have a cabinet insert built in the wall, you may want to add drawer dividers to avoid jumbling of the contents of the top drawer. You can differentiate the oral care products and hair dressing accessories.

The most disorganized spot of the home is below the basin area. While most people fail to keep it tidy, that space can be occupied in a very creative way. Make the most of the space. Place a compact furniture unit with good storage capacity under the basin. AGL Bathroom furniture with a space-saving trap and drawers are the perfect solution to make the most of the available space.

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