6 mistakes that are making your home look boring

We all want our home to be a welcoming and cosy space where you'd like to relax. So why are some homes make you feel cosy, and some don't? It is because spaces have their own ability to do that. However, if you get some design basics right, you can channel this energy in the best possible way. Another way to look at this would be to prevent any fundamental flaws in interior design.

The guide below on how to avoid décor mistakes includes layout ideas for a variety of rooms and spaces:

Not keeping walkable space between furniture pieces

The size of the space may often make this hard, but try to move furniture away from the walls to create more private areas of conversation. In living rooms and family rooms, this is especially important. Some individuals are reluctant to reveal the backs of pieces of furniture, but there is absolutely no reason why this should be so once they are finished.

Incorporating too much furniture

Although it's fairly straightforward to continue adding to your décor, from an aesthetic point of view, this practise does not do anybody any favours. Be sure to take a step back and periodically edit your décor. This will maintain a new, open environment instead of a cluttered, distracted one.

Over decorating

Yes, it's also a thing. Your decorative accent pieces may be lovely, but they will look cluttered if there are too many of them. Align them to make the information easier for the eye to catch. In terms of home décor - not everything can be screaming for attention at the same time!

Poorly planning your layout

While pushing a sofa against a wall facing the TV stand and calling it a day might be tempting, but designing a great living room layout is more than this. It is important to consider and build conversation groups, particularly if the room is long and narrow, like many townhouses and lofts.

Too many cabinets

Wall cabinets and wall units are no longer in fashion. Allow your rooms for desirable products and cabinets. Trends have moved to minimum furniture and sleeker models such as cabinets. It is easy to clean and looks organised with open shelves.

Not having house plants

Without a house plant, your room can feel a little bit ho-hum and stuffy. If you haven't blessed your home with loads of square feet, it doesn't mean your green thumb can't be flexed. Most indoor plants take up very little space, and many need even less sunlight.There is a house plant for you, no matter your skill level, your taste, or how much room you have to spare.

Hanging curtains too short or too long

Another component that can have an instant impact on your room is curtains, especially if they are shorter or longer than the ideal length. Hanging short curtains makes them look cheap and out of place, while shabby ones look longer.

You will be sure to avoid the basic interior design flaws in your home now that you have learnt these. Keep reading the space for more updates on home décor and tiles!