Tiling a small area is difficult as compared to a larger space. This is because not all tiles are suitable for small areas. The focal point of all small spaces are the floors. How do you select the best tiles for your bathrooms? This blog tells you exactly which tiles are suitable for your small bathrooms.


Below are a few tile rules for small bathrooms:

1. Using lighter colours

Want to make your small bathroom look more spacious? Using light coloured tiles such as white, off-white, etc. to give it that expansive effect. You should also avoid darker grout lines in your bathroom, for instance, white tiles and black or brown grout lines. This makes it look like a grid and crammed up.

Open up your rooms with lighter colours and make the space look light and airy. Have you ever wondered why ceilings are always painted white? Ceilings are painted white to make them appear visually large and grand. Moreover, painting it white doesn’t visually put a stop the ceiling.


2. Diagonally laying tiles

Add vibrancy to your small spaces by laying tiles diagonally. This adds more visual interest and character to small spaces. So, if you want to make the bathrooms look exciting, lay tiles diagonally.

Laying them diagonally play trickery with your eye. This is because we are all used to the 90-degree regimented tiles. However, the tiles that are laid at 45-degree create an amazing visual imagery. The only disadvantage of laying them diagonally is that it is difficult to cut them in that shape.


3. Larger tiles

Larger tiles always make small rooms feel bigger. Laying them in larger format in small areas makes the room look less chaotic. However, refrain from choosing extensively large tiles because this becomes overwhelming for the entire space.

Laying them in large formats in small bathrooms seem counter-intuitive. Maintain a minimum grout width of 3/16”. If you want to save them from cracking then there should be at least 90% mortar contact below the tiles.

Thus, these are a few rules to consider while laying tiles in small areas – be it your bathrooms or bedrooms.


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