Remodeling your home? If you go out to the market to buy floor tiles, you will realize the large variety available. It is difficult to select the best for your home. It is very easy to get confused but we have few floor tiles ideas that will mesmerize your homes. These are trending and many options amongst them are considered stylish. This blog tells you which are the contemporary floor tiles and why you should choose them for your homes. Read to know more.


Mentioned below are the contemporary floor tiles you should choose for your homes:

1. The brick look!

Have you heard of the brick look? Brick was traditionally only used as a wall tile. However, the brick look is now popular even for the floor tiles. If you are looking to incorporate a Spanish look into your homes, this floor tile option is trending as of now. It sets a rustic ambience in your homes and accentuates the beauty of your house completely. So, if you are looking to modernize your homes, this is a great option!


2. Wood effect floor tiles

Due to the advances in technology, this effect has become a trending style statement for your homes. Wood nowadays is immensely popular as a floor tile option. This effect gives a wooden feel and look to your floors. So, if you are looking to give your homes an authentic touch, get the wood effect tiles for your space.


3. Stone effect

The timeless and elegant look that natural stone or marble bring to homes is incomparable. Marble is naturally porous, soft and is challenging to keep it clean. However, they will provide an elegant and classic look to your homes for sure. Thus, the stone effect is preferred by many.


4. Cement lookalike!

The cement looking tile is a major trend. Did you fall for it too? The cement look is more preferred for offices, outdoors as it gives a rugged look and feel. If you are looking to give your abode or office an industrial, corporate look, then this floor tiles option is meant for you.

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