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Exploring The Versatile Tiles Applications Beyond Bathrooms & Kitchens


Exploring The Versatile Tiles Applications Beyond Bathrooms & Kitchens

Tiles are more than just kitchen and bathroom essentials; they're versatile design elements for every room. From sleek modern looks to timeless classics, tiles elevate any space. Explore AGL Tiles' diverse range of floor tiles, wall tiles, marble & quartz to add style and durability to your home!

Transform Your Living Room

The living room is the liveliest space of any house, you can further spice it up using tiles. For instance, add a wall tiles accent wall that reflects your personality and blends into the surroundings. Homeowners can opt for interesting wall tiles options such as mosaic tiles, subway tiles, digital wall tiles and many more.

If your living room has a fireplace then surround it with durable and stylish vitrified tiles. MarbleX is another great option for the fireplace as it is heat-resistant and offers a ton of design options to choose from.

A Relaxing Patio

Don't limit the tiles to just the interiors, incorporate outdoor tiles to your patio for a cohesive look. The outdoor tiles not only enhance the appearance of the outdoor area but also the functionality. These durable outdoor tiles easily last for decades with optimum maintenance. The best thing about tiling up your patio is the creative freedom. You can go from a sleek and minimal look to straight-up artistic vibes with the tiles Art collection by AGL Tiles.

Shimmering Swimming Poolside

The swimming pool definitely requires swimming pool tiles for optimum functionality and aesthetics. Apart from the swimming pool, you can also tile up poolside. By installing anti-slip floor tiles, you make the pool surrounding a safe place for everyone, be it children or elderly. The anti-skid properties of floor tiles such as vitrified tiles prevent slips and reduce the chances of mishaps. Explore the pool collection by AGL to discover the ideal floor tiles pick for poolside application.

Extend Tiles to the Balcony

If are talking about adding the charm of floor tiles, then one simply cannot ignore the balcony. The possibilities of designing a beautiful balcony by installing outdoor floor tiles are unlimited. This is a practical approach because these floor tiles are durable enough to last for a lifetime and can easily withstand foot traffic. Balconies also have to withstand the weather every now and then, so floor tiles are the perfect option for it.

Decorate Your Bedroom

With tiles in the bedroom, you can wake up to the most beautiful interiors every day. Marble is the perfect flooring solution to add the missing bits of luxury to the bedroom. This will truly transform your bedroom into a luxe haven of comfort. Take it up a notch with the addition of wall tiles or the MarbleX collection which features the most stylish options. Large slab tiles are another popular option to ensure your bedroom appears luxurious and spacious.

Homeowners can create an equally appealing bedroom with the versatility of ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles. These are durable, stylish yet affordable flooring alternatives.

An Upgrade to Home Office

Using tiles in your home office can add charm and style to your workspace. Consider using colourful mosaic tiles to create a vibrant accent wall or backsplash. For a sleek and modern look, opt for large slab tiles in neutral tones like grey or white. You can also use patterned floor tiles to add visual interest to the floor or as a decorative border. Tiles are both easy to clean and long-lasting, making them a practical and fashionable option for your home office.

Luxurious Staircase

A unique way to use tiles for your staircase is to create a mosaic design. By carefully arranging small tiles of different colours or patterns, you can achieve a luxurious and functional look. Consider using high-quality materials like marble tiles for a sophisticated finish. Opt for a timeless pattern or create a custom design to match your home's aesthetic. With proper installation and maintenance, a tile staircase can elevate the overall look and feel of your home.

Sleek Dining Tabletop

Homeowners can achieve a sleek and modern dining table look by incorporating quartz and marble. These materials offer numerous design possibilities and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. Quartz provides durability and versatility, while marble exudes elegance and luxury. By combining these materials, homeowners can create a stylish focal point for their dining area. Whether opting for a minimalist or intricate design, quartz and marble add sophistication and charm to any dining table setting.

Final Thoughts

Tiles are by far one of the most versatile materials out there. With reputable tile brands like AGL Tiles homeowners can get a variety of quality options. Such as floor tiles, wall tiles, outdoor tiles, kitchen tiles, and more. Each of these tiles will help you design a perfect home that goes beyond the kitchen and bathroom.

Explore the extensive tiles collection by AGL today!


Vitrified tiles are the easiest to maintain due to their non-porous nature. Making them resistant to stains and easy to clean, requiring minimal effort for upkeep.

Yes, tiles can enhance various spaces beyond kitchens and bathrooms. They're versatile for accent walls, fireplace surrounds, outdoor patios, and even decorative elements in living rooms. Be it wall tiles or floor tiles they add durability and style to any area.

Choose tile based on space use, durability, and maintenance needs. Vitrified tiles or ceramic tiles work well for versatility. Consier moisture and foot traffic along with aesthetics.

Here are some interesting ways to add tiles to the living area:

  • A colourful mosaic wall with tiles
  • Use patterned tiles for a comfy reading corner
  • Add a modern touch with a tiled fireplace surround
  • Design a special coffee table with a tile mosaic
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