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A Guide to Colour Psychology in Kitchen Tiles: How to Select the Right Colour


A Guide to Colour Psychology in Kitchen Tiles: How to Select the Right Colour

For most people, the kitchen is where they feel the happiest or most alive. One reason might be the delicious food, but the colour psychology plays a major role in it.

You get the freedom to customize your kitchen using the desired wall tiles and floor tiles to achieve a perfect look.

The kitchen tiles' colour tones you choose can set the mood for the space. In this article by AGL Tiles, we will explore how you can use colour psychology to select the right kitchen tiles colour.

Consider the Functionality

While thinking about your kitchen's design, think about what you do there. It's not just for cooking; it's also where people hang out. So, pick colours that match these activities. If you want a chill vibe, go for calming kitchen tile colours like soft blues or greens.

But if you want to feel lively and excited, choose energizing kitchen tile colours like bright reds or yellows. Matching the colours to the functions of the space can make your kitchen a more enjoyable place. Be it for cooking or socializing.

Understand Colour Meanings

Being aware of the colour meanings you can design a better space using the right kitchen tiles. Let's take a look at some of the most common kitchen tile colours and their meanings:

  • White: Represents cleanliness, purity, and spaciousness. White kitchen tiles can make your kitchen feel larger and brighter.
  • Blue: This colour evokes a sense of calmness and stability. Blue tiles can create a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing cooking environment.
  • Green: It symbolizes nature, growth, and freshness. Green kitchen tiles can bring a sense of harmony and balance to your kitchen. Also, an added touch of nature if you wish.
  • Red:Conveys energy, passion, and appetite. Red tiles can stimulate conversation and appetite. Thus, ideal for dining areas or accent pieces.
  • Yellow: Represents warmth, happiness, and optimism. Yellow kitchen tiles can add a cheerful and welcoming vibe to your kitchen.
  • Neutral Colours (Beige, Grey, Brown): These kitchen tile colours offer versatility and can serve as a backdrop for other elements in your kitchen. They provide a sense of sophistication and are one of the most common colours.

Create Balance and Contrast

To make your kitchen visually appealing, play with colours. Stick to one colour of kitchen tiles but in different shades for a neat look or mix and match colours that go well together for a lively vibe. Create contrast by using light and dark tiles, or kitchen tiles with various textures. This adds depth and excitement to your kitchen design. Balance your choices for a harmonious feel that brings everything together nicely.

Consider Lighting

The lighting in your kitchen can affect how colours are perceived. Sunlight can make colours pop, while artificial light might change how these kitchen tiles appear. Try looking at different floor tile or wall tile samples in different types of light to make sure you get the look you want. This way, you'll know how your kitchen will truly look.

You can also experiment with different floor tiles and wall tiles to create a bespoke kitchen space.

Personal Preference and Lifestyle

When picking colours for your kitchen tiles, think about what you like and what fits your lifestyle. Choose colours that match your personality and make you feel good. Also, consider how the colours will work with what you do in the kitchen and how you want it to look.

For example, if you love bright colours and enjoy cooking in a vibrant space, go for lively hues of kitchen tiles. If you prefer a calm atmosphere for baking or relaxing, softer tones might be better. In a nutshell, your kitchen should reflect your taste and make you happy.

Sample Tiles and Visualize

The best way to find out the ideal kitchen tiles colour scheme is by experimenting with the tiles sample. If you are unable to get the tiles sample into your kitchen then head to the AGL Tiles display centre. There you can not only witness the overall look in real time.

AGL's 360 Tile Visualizer can help homeowners visualize the desired tile in their desired setting. The visualizer offers a variety of customization options in every nook and corner of your home including the kitchen. Along with the different types of tiles you can also experiment with the sizes, layout and grout colour to truly select the right kitchen tiles colour.

Final Thoughts

In every house, the kitchen has always been of utmost importance and the colourful tiles give it a unique identity. So, why not play around with colour psychology to select the right kitchen tiles that reflect your personality? Hopefully, the above guide will help you select the desired colour of kitchen tiles.

To simplify your next step, head onto the kitchen tiles collection by AGL and browse through a ton of options to discover the ideal colour, size, finish and style!


Lighter colours like white, beige, or light grey are good for kitchen tiles. They reflect light, make the space feel larger, and are easier to keep clean.

Consider your kitchen's style, lighting, and size. Lighter tiles create an open feel, while darker ones add cosiness. Neutral colours offer versatility. Test samples in your kitchen's lighting to see how they look.

The best colour for kitchen floor tile depends on personal preference and kitchen style. Neutral tones like beige or grey are versatile and timeless. Lighter colours can make the space feel larger, while darker colours hide dirt better.

Light-coloured tiles, such as white, cream, or light grey, can make a kitchen look bigger. These colours reflect more light, creating a sense of spaciousness and brightness in the room.

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