Kitchen floor tiles

Nature has many things to offer like the humongous mountains, the fresh and green forest, diverse species, the earthy smell after the rain (Petrichor) and many more. Then there are things created by us ‘The Homosapiens’ that we can enjoy or utilize at the same time. Man has created many things we can cherish and relish and home is one those.

Many people think decorating home is definitely costly, because they have mainly overlooked the uses of tiles. For your information, Tile/s could be used for many other purposes besides flooring.

Even if you've never tiled before, you can get impressive results without spending a lot of time or money. Here’s something you’ll love it:

1. Table Top

tile table

Give an old or ugly table a second life with a new tile top. Square or rectangular tables are the easiest to tile since you need to make only straight cuts with good surface results. If you are planning a custom design, lay out the tile first so you'll know exactly how it's going to look.

For a table you're going to use, apply more adhesive in the center so it is slightly higher than the sides. Nobody wants a noticeable pitch that would cause your favorite beverage to tilt when you set it down.

2. Around the mirror

tile table

Applying tile around the mirror or edges of a mirror makes it as attractive as a unique frame. If it's a bathroom mirror, then use the same color scheme of your shower. Uniformity ties the room together.

You can apply the tiles directly to the surface, around the mirror, or on the wall before sticking the mirror. Use 100 percent silicone sealant to stick the tile. Another option is applying the mortar directly to the tiles to stick them. Save the adhesive on the walls and avoid cleaning the excess!

3. Around the pool

tile table

With summer around the corner, give yourself a break from summer heat and welcome these pool ideas. Tilling around pools is one of the ways to uplift the entire texture of your swimming pool area. Not only it widens the scope of transforming the entire outdoor area according to your flair but also is eye pleasing.

AGL gives you a wide range of options to choose from porcelain tiles, natural stone, and patterned ceramic. Thus, you have plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect pool tile for your taste and budget.

These tiles have very low porosity and are cheaper than marbles. Swimming pool tiles or Ceramic tiles are also long lasting and doesn’t fade away easily. They are easy to maintain and can be easily replaced.

4. Build a small fountain using tiles

You must have seen that many special economic zones and commercial places have fountains or small ponds that are pleasant on the eyes. What if building a fountain isn’t a costly affair? Yes, because you can use slate tiles to build water based structures and even the artificial waterfalls.

5. Bar counter

Bar countertop tile

Definitely, Bar is attracts a huge number of people with burnish bar front. You would love to have a counter in parties at home. Bar at home or outdoors is another amazing place where tiles can be used creatively. Moreover, if it is made out of tiles, it will become easy for you to clean and maintain.

6. Balcony/outdoors

outdoor tile

Balconies made up of murals are work of art made out of pieces of tiles that are put together to form an image or design. If you live in the capital you might have noticed the outdoor tile murals made on metro pillars by school kids near Karol Bagh and it looks very imaginative. Some murals are so big and beautiful that one can’t put a price on it.

7. Bathroom Tiles on floors, walls even around the bathtub!

bathroom floor tile and bathroom wall tile

Once you've started laying tile to the bathroom, there's no reason to stop with the floor or the wall. Alternatively, apply bathroom tiles covering the floor, the shower and the bathtub. This style of design works best if your bathroom remodeling allows for a custom bathtub and a relatively open shower.

Using smaller mosaic tiles to add depth and build an even more striking appearance in this intimate space. As such an installation can quickly become difficult.

8. On the roof!

roof tile

AGL Eco Blanco roofs tile reflects and emits solar heat instead of absorbing it. It also emits the absorbed radiation back into the atmosphere. These tiles are best suited for Indian climate, especially in summers.

There are a lot of creative things available in the market these days which are made out of a tile. There are Digital tiles available in the market which can be customized and give your home a personal touch. These can be used to design a kid’s room that is filled with cartoons or any colorful design.

One can never imagine things we could do with a mere tile. If you think you can do something imaginative with something like a tile then go ahead and do it because in order to be creative one must lose the fear of being wrong.

And for trying something extra-ordinary, AGL Tiles is always with you!

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