Kitchen floor tiles

Using patterns in the home is one of the most exciting aspects of interior design. Not only patterns uplift visual stimulation but also have a remarkable ability to add value to any space. That’s because they highlight architectural detailing in an interesting way in an otherwise empty room.

But the task isn’t simple though. Choosing the perfect patterned floor tile and wall tile for your space can be daunting. There is a thrilling array of tiles available in the market. And the design you choose should directly reflect the room in a look and feel you desire. So, before we settle down with which patterned tiles to choose from AGL tile, first look at what patterned tiles can do for your home.  

1. The Retro Era

Retro designs are everywhere, and we think they will even dominate the year 2020. There is something for everyone out there and a lot more for retro-enthusiasts. That’s because AGL has a wide collection of modern designs that emulate older patterns. You have several traditional motifs of different shapes to choose from to bring back the retro-look you love in your homes.

2. Ultimate sophistication

Sophisticated and stylish patterns are definitely awesome! Sophisticated designs don’t get into the way. They blend into any pattern, especially in the corners. Another way is to choose a pattern that is easy going that is one size fits all. Moreover, because these designs are minimal, it also does not overpower the look of your home. This just adds subtle character to the home and makes it look trendy! You can easily create a decorative panel with other decorative wall tiles.

3. Modern Patterns

Modern patterned tiles bring out the true character of your homes. These wall tiles and floor tiles add a personal touch to your homes with their designs. It creates a nostalgic feeling and makes your home look new yet traditional. Combine these with the right set of furniture and your homes are sure to look amazing. This will make your abode look classic and yet modern. Look at digital wall tiles for the same.

4. Patchy work

Patchwork tiles have been favored by people since the time they made an entry into the market. If they are combined with some plain tiles, they can make a subtly classy space. Additionally, having matt-finish tiles doesn’t demand attention. The mesmerizing pattern and charm of the tiles will already have many eyes on it. Try and look at the results for real!

5. Make your outdoors stunning with patterns!

Bar countertop tile

Patterned tiles are a work of art. Once you have them indoors, you will find it irresistible to extend your beautiful patterned tiles to outdoors. Play with geometric designs, create something gorgeous that will make your friends envy.

Of all these decorative ideas for patterned tiles, use as many of them to accentuate the beauty of your space and transforms them entirely.

Have any home décor ideas because we would love to hear them. Leave your home decoration tips and tricks in the comments below!