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AGL Tiles with the launch of Bathware products has become one of the finest Sanitaryware Companies in India. You can browse through wide range of Wash basins and cabinets, Bathroom Toilet Seat, fittings, and furniture. This blog focuses on one of the many Bathware products available here - One Piece Water Closet.

Flush System

It provides a large flow of water into the bowl to suck out the wastes. Based on the functions, flush system is divided into 3 categories: Rimless, Siphonic and Washdown.

1. Rimless Toilet

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The peer design of a Rimless toilet is something distinct. The design rimless toilet is made in such a way that it is easier to clean. The most fascinating part is Rimless toilet keeps itself cleaner. This is because they use a direct flush technique that effectively cleans the entire pan. Bacteria or lime-scale gets washed down the pan instead of getting caught under the rim. One of the other biggest advantages of Rimless toilets is their cost effectiveness.

2. Siphonic

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  • • Siphonic toilets have a trap-way of a lengthy and narrow inverse of the shape P or S. One end is at the inlet in the bowl, while the other is linked to the drain pipe which is located underneath the bowl. Such a model is intended to produce a siphon.
  • • The siphon produced is so powerful that heavy solid waste is sucked out with the water. You may see a swirl but the operating principle is the same. There will be a gurgling noise towards the end of the flush when the vacuum is breached and the siphon is stopped. The bowl is filled with the remaining water, and the tank refill starts.
  • • Siphon toilet is known for the less usage of water in the process.

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3. Washdown

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  • • Washdown toilets are also known as European toilets.
  • • It utilizes the tank's weight and water’s flow to flush-out waste from the toilet bowl. In other words, human waste is pushed out by the pressure of the water gushing out of the tank. As a result wide trap for the waste and water to readily exit the jar.
  • • The diameter of the trap of a Washdown toilet is more than that of Siphonic model.
  • • It has a short trap-way. This is why the water level in the bowl is lower. And for this reason only, the Washdown toilets are relatively clogged free.

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