Kitchen floor tiles

Are you bored of those conventional kitchen countertops that look much basic? Consider switching to engineered Quartz. Quartz is a natural stone, the second most-plentiful mineral after feldspar in the earth’s crest. To make it usable, it is refined and converted to engineered Quartz.

Apart from its eye-catching look, it also offers other benefits like excellent strength and high durability.

Here are 5 kitchen countertops designs and colors that can make your kitchen beautiful.

1. Cream at the top

off white kitchen tiles

Cream color goes with everything. Interior designers use the term “matchy-matchy” for this color due to its ability to blend with everything. You can pair cream with dark brown or black color to highlight the theme. You can also create your own color scheme because with cream countertop by your side, the result will surely suit your style.

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2. You go Grey!

off white kitchen tiles

Grey is a popular home décor color. It makes the room larger and overrides the needs to use additional decoration elements. One of the top tricks for making a smaller kitchen look larger is having a grey countertop and painting the wall with neutral colors.

One of the many benefits of using engineered Quartz is it is made by recycling the waste of stones. Also, the manufacturing process of it requires less energy that contributes to protecting the environment from getting damaged.

3. If it’s not black then keep it back!

off white kitchen tiles

It’s important that every room has a pinch of black. Because the decorating trick of using contrasting color is still very valid! With black, it is easy to tie any other color together. Black looks sleek and stunning on the kitchen countertop.

The image shows how black isn’t even a dominating color yet has created a unified look. Even on a low budget, you can this great design options for engineered Quartz.

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4. Biege is awesome!

off white kitchen tiles

Beige tone has made its way back into the fashion with more and more interior designer opting for it. With all the walls, furniture and even the kitchen countertop of the same color, you will be able to create a seamless experience that feels inviting. If you think the beige color will make the stains spills of coffee and tea look worst, don’t worry.

Engineered Quartz is a unique material which doesn’t require any special treatment to make it free from microbes. This is the reason why it is a great option to be used as kitchen countertops.

5. When in doubt, buy red

off white kitchen tiles

Red color is sharp and sophisticated. When considering which shades of red to use, look for the other home décor elements for styling.

The engineered Quartz can be easily connected from edges and corners and various sizes, designs and shapes can be produced with red color.

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