When a house is built, it’s like an empty canvas and you are supposed to paint a picture that defines you best. You have to personalize it with something that represents who you are. Paint the walls with the colours you like, furnish it with contemporary, electric or modern furniture, choose the surface you walk on. Decide if you want floor tiles, digital tiles, composite marble, quartz stone or wooden flooring and let your imagination go wild, be the king of your castle.


We are living in the age of technology where the old school techniques of creating something have become obsolete. The art and technology have now merged to create something beautiful with precision. You can find the art in ‘smart’ all around you in the form of buildings made possible by technology and design; or a microchip that is made with different patterns or the aerodynamic shape of cars that not only looks good but also increases the speed.


Decorating a home can be a tiresome process, it’s hard to decide whether to invest more to get a décor of premium quality or invest less and compromise with the quality. Well! Let me tell you an industry secret, there’s always an alternate to the things you want in the décor world. If you can’t afford a sunmica or composite marble, get a laminate. If you don’t want to waste time on getting a mural made, then get a design or image imprinted on your wall tiles. Yes, you can do that now thanks to technology that has made it possible and not just on tiles; you can get something printed on your credit cards and personalize your belongings. But let’s not deviate from the topic in hand i.e. whether to go with digital tiles or murals.


Tiles Murals


Tiles Mural is like a graffiti made out of ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass tiles that are installed on the surface of a wall or floor. It definitely looks beautiful but it takes a lot of time and patience to bring this work of art to life and tiles murals are also more expensive than digital tiles. Even if you have to go through much trouble to get these done, but once these are installed they will be a sight for sore eyes. Many tiles companies in India are providing lucrative offers and discounts on installation, so check out a few companies before you make the deal.


Digital Tiles


Digital Tiles are ceramic tiles that have high resolution digital prints on it. These tiles are the new school approach to décor. These tiles are in vogue these days as there are uncountable prints, pattern and designs that can be printed on it to transform a simple tile into your personalised artwork. You can even get your face on it if you want to, and the plus point is that it doesn’t take much time to get it done and ready to be installed.


On one corner there are the effervescent Digital tiles and the other corner is valiantly held by Tile Murals; so choose wisely before you make the bet.