When we talk about “The Wall” you may think that we are talking about the famous album from The legendary band Pink Floyd or The Wall Street Journal but no, we are talking about the walls you see every day at your home. These are the walls that protect you from all kinds of weather; they keep you protected from the heat of the sun, the cold of the winters and the pour of the rain. These walls also protect you from the evil of the society and the world.

It’s about time you pay some attention to these walls. Now, like every room in the house has a different functionality; in the same way walls in each room should be decorated differently. By the end of this article you will be able to answer the question “What to do with the Wall?” We will tell you the “dos” and the “don’ts” meant for wall decoration.


Living Room

This is the room with the highest number of footfall and traffic and the most visited room in the whole house so it is very important to decorate the walls in a way so that they look inviting and engaging.


  • The colour of the wall should be subtle or easy on the eyes and not too flashy. If you’re going for tiles, pick them in a similar fashion as well.
  • You can also use tiles murals which is an artwork made out of pieces of stones, ceramic tiles or metal tiles which can be installed within or added on the surface of the wall. There are many tile companies and tile manufacturers who have a mural catalogue and will also install the mural by themselves.



This a part of your house of which should have a relaxed and welcoming feel to it. This is a room where you will sleep, read, rest or have bed tea made by your loved ones. You can decorate the walls in this room anyway you want it. It should be something that defines you.

  • You can use wall decals which are stickers or wall tattoos that are used are affixed to a smooth surface like wall tiles, digital tiles, etc. These are also called ‘do it yourself’ wall décor as they are very easy to install. These also come in a wide range of different colours and designs.
  • Wall lamps can be installed on the wall to accentuate its beauty and if you want to do something out of the box, get circular tiles murals installed on the base of the wall lamp that will enhance the overall look and appeal.



Bathroom & Kitchen

These are two places where the walls suffer the most with all splashes while cooking and doing the dishes or while having a shower. It is best to cover the walls with a protective shield of strong vitrified tiles which are cheaper than marble and easy to clean. You can make shelves inside the kitchen covered in ceramic tiles; and you can keep an indoor plant or flower pot in it. This will give you a fresh feel and you can do the same for the bathroom as well. Moreover, this can also be used as a water proof shelf for cleansers and cosmetics that will last for a long time.



It doesn’t matter if you use wallpapers or classy ceramic tiles, wall tiles or new age digital tiles, whatever you do, do it from the heart and you’re good to go!