Urinals in house bathrooms are simply not considered when planning one, but should this be changed? We would say- yes, absolutely yes. 

Urinals are becoming increasingly rare in bathroom suites nowadays. Most people don't think about urinals in their homes, but we're used to seeing them in men's restrooms in public locations. It is possible to save room by bringing the urinal for men concept from the bar, rest stop, or gym into your own home. 

As the most significant bathroom product, they won't be urinals any time soon, but there's no disputing their importance to businesses all over the world. Homeowners who are intrigued about installing one in their houses have been increasing in numbers in recent years. Then again, what's the point?

Urinals do have a few benefits over the regular toilet, though. Urinals take up less room, are easier to clean, and use less water every flush. Some urinals don't even need water to function! Also, they are easy to use and quick, which may explain why men's restrooms have a reputation for having shorter lines.

Some people argue that having more home urinals, or even just having one in the first place, will save water because urinating in the toilet uses a lot of water. Using gallons of water to flush away urine seems irrational and wasteful. Urinals require roughly one-third of the water that toilet flushes consume; however, there are waterless urinal models available that use various methods instead of a flood of water.

There's no doubt that Urinal and Bathware is one of the most overlooked elements nowadays. Considering the fact, AGL Bathware has introduced a varied collection of Urinal or Men's toilets. Not only it is the epitome of hygiene, but also AGL Urinal bowl is easy to clean and maintain. Check out the collection AGL Bathware collection and give your bathroom a trendy uplift.

We offer all you need- whether you want to install a urinal toilet in a public area or your home. Urinal design may bring character to your bathroom while also improving hygiene.

We also have an integrated urinal sensor that makes maintenance super easy. They have an automated flushing mechanism similar to timed urinals, but they don't require your assistance. As soon as you step away from the urinal, the flushing procedure will begin automatically. 

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