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Amp-Up Your Room With Pattern Tiles

These days, pattern tiles can be found just about everywhere! We've just seen them truly develop in the last two years or so. They also made a great impression at recent Design Shows! They can definitely give a one-of-a-kind touch to a room. They offer some boldness or quirkiness to a space, similar to the wallpaper accent trend, but too much could be overbearing.

One of the most fascinating parts of interior design is the use of patterns in the house. Patterns not only provide visual excitement, but they also have a unique capacity to add value to any place. This is due to the fact that they emphasise architectural details in an intriguing way in an otherwise empty space. However, the work at hand isn't without hardship. Choosing the right patterned floor tiles and patterned wall tile for your area can be challenging. In the market, there is a dizzying assortment of patterned tiles. And the design you select should properly reflect the room in the intended design and look.

If you want to make your design stand out with a dramatic effect, nothing beats patterned tile! Natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles with inlaid patterns may be used nearly anyplace to compliment or contrast your décor, as well as to divide one area from another.

Patterned Tiles by AGL

You have complete freedom of choice when it comes to tiling statement walls, backsplashes, and eye-catching patterned floors thanks to the wide selection of designs available at AGL Tiles - from Moroccan inspired themes to beautiful geometric tile design patterns to delicate flowers!

This category's distinctive texture and variety of designs make it the most popular tile collection. AGL Tiles offers a wide range of patterned floor tiles that are suitable for use in a number of settings. AGL's patterned floor tiles are available in a number of designs and may transform your area into something fashionable, contemporary, classic, or natural, depending on your preferences. 

Some of the most common designs used on patterned tiles are chevron patterns (zigzag stripes), floral patterns, geometric patterns (lines and forms), and medallions (complex oval or circular motifs). Whether you are looking for bathroom tile patterns, parking tiles patterns or brick pattern tiles, we have something for everyone.  

Whether you let your patterns take centre stage or use them to compliment the overall palette rather than compete with it, these tiles provide a feeling of richness and drama to any decor!

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