Washbasin Cabinet Design for Your Home

Vanity consists of a sink, cupboard, and floating drawers together. This alluring piece of furniture adds to the functionality of your bathroom and also has the capacity to transform your bathroom from an average-looking space to a fully functional and modern space. Your bathroom could have a beautiful bathtub and a personal jacuzzi but what's the point of such an interior when your bathroom looks messy and unorganized? Incorporating a vanity washbasin will always help you to keep your bathroom organized and clean. It will lend you extra storage capacity without taking too much space. So, let us explore some of the most exuberant vanity washbasin designs.

Washbasin Cabinet Designs 2022:

Sophisticated Wooden Design Washbasin Cabinet:

Wood is ageless and classic. The kind of warmth and beauty that it adds to the interior is just incomparable! People who like following the trends yet stay minimal and sophisticated prefer wooden design cabinets. This vanity unit by AGL has a combination of drawers, open shelves, and a vertical cabinet attached to the drawers. The white sink and white-colored countertop create a dazzling contrast and cut the monotony of wood beautifully. This washbasin cabinet is not very technical, so people of all age groups will be comfortable while using it. Moreover, it is easy to clean so the point of maintaining hygiene will never be questioned.

Spinner cabinets:

You can use such cabinets to add aesthetic value to your bathroom interior. It does not have an attached washbasin, but it is functional bathroom furniture that you can use to keep your bathroom look organized, clean, and perfect. You can spin the cabinet and change it to the side of the mirror. If the size of your bathroom is not big, that is completely okay because the spinner cabinet's slim structure won't take up much space. These cabinets provide extra space to adjust all the products and not even make the space look messy.

Minimalist Yet Luxurious Design:

AGL's goal is to deliver its customers ample storage space, using a minimalistic approach without compromising on aesthetics. This washbasin vanity is perfect for people who prefer minimalist designs. A simple and elegant bowl-shaped washbasin with black cabinets makes for a perfect design for this bathroom’s interiors. This unit makes it so convenient for you to arrange your toiletries and other items. Some extra space on the countertop will allow you to keep extra towels or so. Since the basin is placed on the surface, cleaning will become easy and more convenient. 

Bold-Colored Cabinet:

Bold colors like purple will add so much life to your basic bathroom. If you like being minimalistic yet classy, this is how you can incorporate a very trendy tone into your simple bathroom. AGL's bold color will not only add character to your interior but also make it look interesting and eyecatching. These purple cabinets are spacious and can accommodate all your toiletries easily.

Washbasin Cabinet With Vertical Shelves:

This is the most popular type of washbasin cabinet. A wall-attached cabinet is always a convenient option. AGL's cupid is an amazing washbasin cabinet and it is popular for its open shelves that allow easy access to the products when needed. This type of cabinet is very popular among the general public due to its multipurpose usage and easy accessibility.

To conclude, the bathroom is the area where you relax and spend some private time. It should be convenient, durable, functional, and stylish. The right choice of washbasin with a cabinet that can fulfill the purpose of your need, can ensure that the unit delivers the required functionality and look. You can choose your favorite vanity washbasin from AGL because we assure you a quality worth the price.


washbasin cabinets consist of a sink, cupboard, and floating drawers together.

It depends upon personal choices and preferences. However, a washbasin cabinet that has more functionality can be your best bet.

The best material for a washbasin cabinet is PVC.

A vanity washbasin cabinet is a stylish piece of furniture that swaps the traditional basin pedestal with additional storage space.